10 Best Free Apps for Video Calling on Android

Android is ruling the entire globe with its Applications and most of them are for free to use which makes it one of the best in the market. And with these free Apps some of them are paid ones too.

Normal calling is so old these days as technology is making a serious development around and people tend to make video calls rather. But are you afraid that making video calls will cost you more? Then leave this job to the free Apps.

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

  • Skype
  • gTalk
  • Tango
  • Fring
  • Movicha
  • Friend Caller
  • Linphone
  • Qik
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • ooVoo

If you are away from your PC and need to make an urgent call then here I give you the 10 Best Free Apps for Video Calling on Android. These Apps are very easy to use with awesome UI and loads of features.

1. Skype

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

Every other single person who uses computer knows what Skype is and there is no need to define in my own words. It is Albeit the service which was recently acquired by Microsoft, but you know what it still remains the same old Skype. Even a small kid can use this as it has the easiest UI to use.

You are always welcome to download it from the Android Market for free and let the conversation begin with your buddies and families by seeing each other. Instead of paying high bills for ISD calls you can use this service free of cost to call overseas. And guess what the video quality on the Android version is also fine. Download

2. gTalk

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

gTalk is nothing but Google Talk, and it is also used by millions of users around the world. For some of the users they find it easy to use because of its simple and portable design. In order to make a video call via gTalk all you need to do is to touch the small camera like thing that appears near the contacts in your Smartphone.

You are also allowed to share links in your video conversation and one great thing is that they become visible in the call window to your friends. So if you are looking to install this App all you need to do is to just install a video plugin and nothing other extra things. Download

3. Tango

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

If you are looking to Tango with your Smartphone then this is the best free App to do so. You can use this App to connect with your friends and families and that too without spending a single penny. Using this App you can even make calls on your Tablet and PC too besides making calls only on your Smartphone.

The popularity of this App can be measured from the no. of fans it has it on Facebook and it reaches more than 120,000. The video calling clarity depends on how good the network coverage is. So, if you are ready to tango then you must choose a good network plan and feel free to make calls all across the globe. Download

4. Fring

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

Yet another video calling service provider for Android is Fring. This App is available for free to download and comes with lots of new features and fast UI. You may not find it popular but in no time it is rocking the Android market. You can easily make video calls on 3G, 4G and WiFi networks using this Android App.

The developers and the other people behind this App are making a statement that this App has the best video quality than any other App. It features DVQ technology which translates as Dynamic Video Quality. You can always try out this technology for yourself by downloading and using it. Download

5. Movicha

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

The latest video calling technology and the newest service for video calling is provided by the Movicha App as it is very new to the Android Market. You may be thinking what is the special thing that makes this Android App different from others? You can get the answer from the statement-“See anybody, anywhere”   from the team at Movicha.

The real good thing that makes it unique from all the other Apps is that it is not necessary that receiver need to have the Android device on the other side, on the other hand it is well suited on iPhone platform too because Movicha supports multiple operating systems in both phones and laptop platforms . Download

6. Friend Caller

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

The name of this Android App itself implies what it intents for. It is a video service that enables you to …well, call friends. There is nothing new in this App as it is like the other Apps which support all the features. But in these list you may not like few Apps instead you may fall in love with this App at the first use.

According to the recent blog post this App loves to stay updated all the time. You have to be alert all the time as you can find some important updates in the next Android OS release. Once installed you can leave a small tweet or a Facebook status update so that your friends also comes to know about it. Download

7. Linphone

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

Have you ever heard of such video calling Android App? Well, it is because it is yet another stranger App in this Android Market that enables you to make free video calls. You can rate this App as a beginner in this field but it does offer some of the cool features for video calling.

If you ever come across this App’s website then you can find some of the geeky terms and notions. Echo cancellation technology lets this App to improve the video quality while calling your buddies and families. I am not much sure of this App, but you can always give a try to know more about it as it is free to download. Download

8. Qik

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

The name may sound like kicking someone but no it is an Android App for yet another video calling. The domain name looks so simple and short and catchy too. But if you visit this site it looks stunning though and you can download this App from it for free. And guess what you will be shocked to hear that this service has been acquired by Skype.

But it is quite weird that it is still operating with its own name without being branded by the Skype logo. Let me tell you it actually stands for “quick”. It is because of the fact that it provides real fast video calling when compared to other such Apps. Download

9. Yahoo! Messenger

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

Here comes the most loved and my favorite Yahoo! Messenger. It is the most loved and very popular among millions of users around the globe for providing chatting services.

But chatting is now a thing of the past and they have included video chat option along with it to give you the best chatting experience in terms of video calling on your PC and now available for your Android Smartphone too. But some users don’t use it because of its same old UI that has not upgraded ever since stone age. But I say old is gold and I just love it. Download

10. ooVoo

Best Free Video Calling Android Apps

And now we shall look at the last but not the least ooVoo Android App for video calling. If you want to have multi chat with your friends and families like the Hangout in Google+ then your search ends here because this App allows you to have video chat with up to 6 people. Amazing eh?

And if you are a business person then this could prove to be a really useful App. But you need to have a bigger screen for this. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note or Nexus then there are no worries what so ever as they have the big screens. I suggest making use of Tablets to make the best out of this App . Download 

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  1. October 1, 2013 at 8:42 am #

    My Top 5 Video Calling Apps:

    1. Tango
    2. Skype
    3. fring
    4. ooVoo
    5. Yahoo! Messenger

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