8 Must Have Portable Apps for Geeks

Portable Applications are those which are less in size and can be installed without occupying much space on your system and some Apps don’t even need to install as they work instantly once launched. And these portable Apps are very necessary in a geek’s life. Thus these Apps save your valuable time and hence lessen your burden.

If you travel too much and for small reasons like App is big in size so that you need to carry your laptop all the way then the solution to this is portable Apps which can be carried on a flash drive and take your important and most needed software wherever you need.

Best Portable Geeky Apps

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • FeedReader
  • Notepad++
  • Evernote
  • Keepass
  • 7zip
  • TrueCrypt

In this post I am going to list 8 Must Have Portable Apps for Geeks. And using them you can stay productive and make your task easier.

8. Google Chrome

Best Portable Geeky Apps

Google Chrome is one the portable App which I personally use it on my PC and even used all around the globe by millions of people. It has easy to use UI with user-friendly features. It is secured when it comes to passwords. Download

7. Firefox

Best Portable Geeky Apps

FireFox Windows Tool is yet another famous browser and it is portable like Google Chrome browser. You can carry your Add-ons and bookmarks wherever you go. It has secure browsing feature too. Download

6. FeedReader

Best Portable Geeky Apps

Do you visit blogs very often to read? Then you can stay updated with the feeds of all the blogs very easily through FeedReader Windows App. You can stay updated even when you are away from your PC. Download

5. Notepad++

Best Portable Geeky Apps

Sticky notes are out of the frames in this digital world and if you want to write some important notes then you can do it with Notepad++ Windows Tool. With this Software you can edit codes as source code editor with multi language support. Download

4. Evernote

Best Portable Geeky Apps

I think this Windows Software does not need any definition. As it is one of the most popular Tool in the market that allows you to write down your notes easily, add images, files etc. Download

3. Keepass

Best Portable Geeky Apps

Using this Windows Tool you can save your all passwords for emails, social networking etc in one database and you can even lock it with a password in order to keep them secure. Download

2. 7zip

Best Portable Geeky Apps

If you are fed up with the kind of size a file or a folder that occupies then 7zip Software is all you need. It can compress files and folders and reduce their size too. It can also unzip files which are zipped and can be mailed easily. Download

1. TrueCrypt

Best Portable Geeky Apps

If you like to keep your data on your flash drive all the time and fears to loose your data then you can very well encrypt it using TrueCrypt. You can also hide your data so that no one knows about it. Download

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