Best 13 Fitness Accessories for Smartphones

In today’s polluted world it is not enough to get out with covering your face with a breathing mask, a pair of sneakers, for your fitness runs. It is a world of Smart Gadgets where you get various Apps, advanced sensors and tracking software, and powerful OS like Android capable Smartphones that can help you out a lot when it comes to your fitness.

You can make use of your Smartphone in your fitness session that can be beneficial with its functions and applications, such as distance trackers, diet calculators and other many other things. Along with that you can get various fitness accessories that have changed the heath routine in last decade. And the most amazing thing is that your Smartphone can be paired with sensors, protective cases, headphones and even with many more Gadgets.

Top 13 fitness accessories for Smartphones

  • Fitbit One
  • Zensorium Tinke For iPhone
  • Adidas Micouch Pacer Bundle
  • Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2
  • Headphones and Cases built for Fitness
  • Motorola SF600
  • JayBird Sportsband 2
  • Motorola SF200
  • Polk Audio UltraFit 2000
  • AmphibxFit Waterproof Armband
  • Belkin EaseFit Plus Armband
  • Incipio Performance
  • Armpocket XTREME i-30

In this post I am going to list the Top and Best 13 Fitness Accessories for Smartphones. This will add many benefits to your fitness set. You get increased results by pairing these Gadgets and accessories along with your Smartphones. Get it Here

13. Fitbit One

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

This accessory is considered as one of the best fitness Gadget. Fitbit One is an clever and intelligent analyzing system which is based on many of the sensors it has which are integrated in the forms of USB stick. In this Gadget you can share your data with a Bluetooth 4.0 support and also includes support for 3rd party Apps inclusion and it is very lightweight to handle. It handles your daily fitness routine effortlessly.

Using its unique integrated technology now it easy for it to measure even the small centimeters steps you take while waking and it can also track how many calories were burned in a day and the distance you traveled in a day. You can see all these functions and results on a incorporated display. This amazing Gadget has partnership with over 20 different fitness Apps and by which it can be used to squeeze out most of the data out of this Gadget.

Using its one of the attractive function so called sleep analyzer, it can offer various relevant data to the user. The data can be on how much time it took you to go to sleep, and in between sleep how many times it was disrupted and much  more. But to have your claws on this little baby then you have to give $100 and it also has a amazing battery backup that can last to 7 days. Get it Here

12. Zensorium Tinke For iPhone

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

If you are suffering from any sort of fitness problems like cardio respiratory health and stress levels and want them to be monitored on regular basis then you must go for this amazing device so called Tinke. This Gadget is basically a sensorial device. It uses a pair of accurate optical sensors. And using such sensors it can measure accurately how much oxygen travels through blood and all this can be done by analyzing your fingertip. And along with this it can also detect heart and respiratory rate. Using these data it can build a useful database which can be personalized for each client.

Such personalized database results can be sent to an iPhone application. And from this App various other users who are using this Gadget can compare their score with others. You can even share your results on social networks like Facebook and other sites. This App will cost you $199. Get it Here

11. Adidas Micouch Pacer Bundle

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

This Adidas miCouch PACER bundle is an awesome Gadget for the athletes. This Gadget has a stride sensor integrated with a light heart rate monitor that can be used to analyze and estimate the entire distance that a runner has covered. But for that it has to look at various body parameters. And using this Gadget you can optimize your fitness program with the help of a Smartphone functions like GPS.

If you are looking for a great personal trainer then this Gadget gives you one but a virtual one. It is basically a audio-capable trainer that can train your body beyond the limits. The sound may hear like wacky in the beginning but you will get used to it. You get this device for $195 and you can even upload your data online where visual graphics and stats are presented visually. Get it Here

10. Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

This is yet another heart rate monitor that has Sports Tracker and it goes by the name of HRM2. This device is Bluetooth-enabled and can be paired with the Smartphone through Application and displays the kind of effort your heart is actually putting while exercising. Price of this Gadget is $74.99. this is one great Gadget that will keep your heart healthy and young for a long time. Get it Here

9. Headphones and Cases built for Fitness

If you are a music lover and loves to hear music while making yourself fit then you need some of those cool looking Headsets and cases to ease out this task. You must be aware that music can really help you to focus on what you are doing and if you need to be focused while working out your fitness then you need a set of Bluetooth headphones. You never know what would the weather be outside and keeping your Smartphone in your pocket is so out of fashion these days. Get it Here

Headphones For Outdoor Use

8. Motorola SF600

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

This headphone is the one that will change your point of view about listening to music because this little thing is at its best when it comes to playing music wirelessly with a Bluetooth elegancy. You get a hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals with this headphone that keeps the moisture out during harsh weather conditions. Get it Here

7. JayBird Sportsband 2

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

JayBird Sportsband 2 is one such hearing Gadget that will rock your music experience all the way while you are training. It is sleek and stylish and comes in a attractive red color. With this headphone you get to hear clear sound quality based on Apt-x and Bluetooth wireless technology. Get it Here

6. Motorola SF200

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

If you are fan of the wired headphones then this little thing is just for you so called Motorola SF200 which is a wired variant model of Motorola Sf600. This headphone comes with an comfortable ear cushion and red-black design to set smoke in some of those jealousy ears which are working out near you. Get it Here

5. Polk Audio UltraFit 2000

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

Polk Audio UltraFit 2000  is one Gadget which is best suited for outdoor use. It is basically a behind-the-head model and has a design which is very comfortable to wear and integrated with smart features. It can also suppress light noise. You can control your iPod / iPhone  from the above and it is possible via built-in 3-button controller from Apple. Get it Here

Cases Optimized For Intense Activity

4. AmphibxFit Waterproof Armband

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

It’s raining outside, so what? You will miss your routine fitness workout? No ways, you can still carry out your routine all thanks to this waterproof armband. You can even wear this armband in a swimming session. Along with arm band it also comes in waist version. Get it Here

3. Belkin EaseFit Plus Armband

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

Keeping your phone in the pocket and then listening to songs is so out of fashion these days. By this you can concentrate on your workout and not on your pocket which carries you mobile. Get it Here

2. Incipio Performance

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

If you own a iPhone 4/4S/5 then you can carry it very easily and work out with ease all thanks to the Incipio Performance.  It doesn’t matter what sort of work out you are performing. This Armband has a stylish and sleek design. Get it Here

1. Armpocket XTREME i-30

Top Best Smartphone Accessories

If you own a large device like Micromax Canvas 2 like me then you can fit this Gadget into this Armpocket XTREME i-30.  With a wide space to keep your device it offers totally 25 cubic inches of storage along with three interior pockets and a touch sensitive window so that you never tire out while working out. Get it Here

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    Clubbing the power of technology and fitness equipment gives you the best of both worlds! Great list – very specific and detailed. Love it! By the way, would you mind adding Sleep Wristband to the list? It helps monitor the distance covered, calories burned, rest time, active minutes, and overall helps track your progress, which can be very useful. Cheers!

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