Best 9 Universal Remotes to Buy

In the electronic field, all electronic items are made with controllable device called as remote. For device there is remote and in home there are many remote for every single device. This makes your house looks clumsy and nasty. So why don’t you think for devices we can make single controlling device and make your life easy?.

Having a single remote control for everything makes our life more easier and comfortable and we tend to find everything perfect, so today we bring you our best list of universal remotes to buy which includes

  • One For All Smartcontrol PS3
  • Philips Prestigo
  • Logitech Harmony 650
  • Universal Remote Control Digital R50
  • Acoustic Research Arrx18g
  • Logitech Harmony 700
  • Urc Mx-6000 Universal Remote Control
  • Logitech Harmony One Advanced
  • Logitech Harmony 900

Rather than for each single device you have to search, which is kept elsewhere in home, here are Best 9 Universal Remotes to buy for you’re all the devices at home which would not just make your life easier and comfortable, but would also give you the power in your hands to automate and control everything which you want.

Best Universal Remotes to Buy

1. One For All Smartcontrol PS3 | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

This is one universal remote which is simple one to control PS3 device. It can control nearly 6 devices which can include your console PS3. Hence forth it is simple one and it doesn’t have display to see which feature is on. And it cannot be used to connect computer for programming and it must done with buttons which are inscribed to it. This remote is made for those people who not like to see their device to look too complex control one, just simple one.

2. Philips Prestigo | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

This is simple universal remote control but it is not as good as like Logitech series, Philips Prestigo universal remote. It is quite simple and classy looking remote control which is used to control your device which has multiple features to use. Small drawback with this remote is that display unit, which is quite harder when compare to other device. If you keep using everyday, it becomes common to use and you won’t face any problem.

3. Logitech Harmony 650 | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

If your home has very few devices which need simple universal remote you can go with this remote. It controls nearly 5 devices very easily and smarter manner which is simple to use it. One small drawback is that it doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries which most of us prefer. For simple people who have less device at home can go with this controlling device. Many people would like to buy this remote since it less budgeted price and with more number of features in it.

4. Universal Remote Control Digital R50 | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

If you wish see just simple universal remote with fewer features you can go with this device. This is quite simple and easy to handle, no need of any computer device for programming your remote. Its outer body offers a simple quality outlook with more number of features. With this simple device you can control up to 18 devices and you can set your own macros in this device. It has display which shows add favorite programs where you can store more than 40 programs.

5. Acoustic Research Arrx18g | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

The most famous brand which is known in universal remote is Logitech remotes. Even though being famous brand it cannot compete with brand in market which offer better features. One of them is known for the best one is Acoustic Research Arrx18g with simple look, offer many kinds of features which are not offered by the other devices. This device’s outer body is quite classy and awesome which attracts many other users who wish to use it.

6. Logitech Harmony 700 | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

Logitech is known for the best in quality and simple features which are very durable to use it for users. This device is quite simple to use and it can blow away device of other brands being quite simple and not being classy. It is cheapest in buying remote which controls up to 6 devices in your home including your Play Station 3. It doesn’t have touch screen since it is being simple to control device, being much cheaper in price and can be bought by any user.

7. Urc Mx-6000 Universal Remote Control | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

 After looking at outer body of this device it looks you come across a complex universal remote. Yes this is complex looking device which offers kind of features which doesn’t have in any other remote controls. Hence forth it is made for all kind of devices which can be controlled with it. You can see big touch screen which is quite sensitive, which is best for this look. If you wish to buy this remote a special engineer will come to your home and set all features that are used to control devices.

8. Logitech Harmony One Advanced | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

This device is quite complex one which is easy looking and have most of all features which universal remote must have. It has an amazing look with looking quite expensive and which have touch sensitive controls and backlit button making it more feel good. After coming across more number of features this device is quite costlier but can be affordable and you can go with this universal remote which is universally built up.

9. Logitech Harmony 900 | Get it here

Best Universal Remote to Buy

If you’re looking for device which must have all kinds of feature and must be quite good looking one. Then you can go with this remote which is best and awesome looking device which offers marvelous features with classy look and universal control of device in your home. If you’re good gadget controller then you can just buy this universal remote to make your life simpler and easy handling at your home. It has good LCD screen for using it.

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