Best Open Source Softwares

Top 5 Best Open Source Softwares for Developers, Designers and Programmers

If you are new to the Open Source softwares then let me tell you the benefits these open source Softwares gives to us. Open software are available with the source code where you can study, change, improve and at times also to distribute the software with some reserved copyrights. So did...
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Best Open Source Graphics Image Editor

Top 5 Best Open Source Graphic Image Editors

In olden days there were few image editors like MS Paint and other few available which I don’t even remember as I used to go for paint all the time. But as the technology developed various new alternatives came out for the image editors and many were open source ones too. In this current era you can...
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Best Linux Blogging Tools

5 Useful Blogging Tools For Linux Users

Most of the users are unaware of the OS so called Linux and I was one of them when I started my Blogging career. As all the others used the Windows Applications so I was one of them too. When I came to know about the features of Linux then I started using it slowly as my other operating system. It has...
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Stat Planet

Top 10 Free Tools To Create Awesome Infographics

In today’s Date, the competition has increased in the market. Interestingly there are lot of business organizations in modern generation who are operating with less resources, but are doing well in the market and are quite capable of beating the high quality business too. Therefore it has become...
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