Best Open Source Graphics Image Editor

Top 5 Best Open Source Graphic Image Editors

In olden days there were few image editors like MS Paint and other few available which I don’t even remember as I used to go for paint all the time. But as the technology developed various new alternatives came out for the image editors and many were open source ones too. In this current...
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Best Screenshot Capturing Windows Softwares

5 Excellent Softwares to Take Screenshots in Windows

In olden days you would have took screen shots by hitting your fingers on the print screen key on your keyboard and then pasting the taken screen shot in any of the picture editing Tools such as MS paint. But it is a thing of the past now. This was the simplest way but it lacked features and the way...
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6 Awesome Video Joiner Tools for Windows

There was a time in my life where I still remember I was looking for some of the video joiner Tools when I was in my college days as I needed to present a video for the annual award functions. At that time there were fewer choices but in this fast moving technology world you can find many of them. Video...
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Best Android File Manager Apps

Top 7 Android File Manager Apps

Android Smartphones are so in these days and you get loads of features to explore out of them. And once such advantage you get with them is that you can mount an SD card and browse through it and also the internal storage. But for that you need to have a file explorer App. Various latest Smartphones...
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Best Gmail Productivity Apps & Plugins

15 Best Gmail Apps and Plugins for Productivity

Internet came into existence because of electronic mailing system as we can say it strongly. Google offers Gmail service that provides quick and efficient way of sending mails, for business folks they are in need of bulk mail sending or frequent mail sending scheme. For that they use some third party...
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Best Earthquake Monitoring Android Apps

Top 5 Earthquake Monitoring Apps for Android

Here the hot topic which is going on this time is earthquake, which is been experiencing in lot of part of world. And with this growing world of Android, now it has made Earthquake Monitoring Apps which will guide you in real time life. Main thing about these Apps is to provide information regarding...
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Best iPhone Mobile Scanning Apps

Top 10 iPhone Scanner Apps for Mobile Scanning Options

iPhone is a very famous Smartphone with much number of features and have great effect on buyers. Many iPhone lovers are watching out new features coming out every day. iPhone has best quality of camera and which acts as portable scanner. This phone has best quality which comprises higher megapixels and...
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Best Managing Passwords Firefox Addons

5 Firefox Addons To Manage Saved Passwords

Passwords are very important secret words which protects your personal information getting public. This world is going on digitized so password are been used for digitalize security which stops unknown person knowing your personal matter. As I suggest that you must change you password every 15-30 days...
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Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

10 Android Parenting Apps for Modern Age Parents

Parents have also worried about their child, whether it’s of the older age parents or the modern age. Before there were lot of problems our parents have faced while bringing up ahead of everyone, but now thing have simplified in all ways. Just wondering how our parents stood us up without any diapers,...
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Best Universal Remote to Buy

Best 9 Universal Remotes to Buy

In the electronic field, all electronic items are made with controllable device called as remote. For device there is remote and in home there are many remote for every single device. This makes your house looks clumsy and nasty. So why don’t you think for devices we can make single controlling device...
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