Top 10 Best Free Online QR Code Generators

If you are not familiar with the meaning of QR then let me tell you it represent Quick Response. It looks like a cube of images bundle together through which you can store various info like Website URLs, Geo Locations, Event information’s, contact information’s, etc. into a weird looking image.

As the Technology developed many Smartphone vendors enabled QR code support for their factory made products. If you want to decode the hidden message or info in a QR code you need to have a QR code reader. Through this Application your Smartphone will be able to scan the QR code via camera and decode the info via QR code App.

Now you have come to know about reading the QR code. But what about generating them? For that reason only we have a list of Top 10 Best Free Online QR Code Generators.

1) Azonmedia

Best Online QR Code Generators

If you are looking for a QR code generator that can generate all kinds of QR codes and that too for free then you must go for Azonmedia, because it is one of the best QR code generators in the market. In this website link you will find a code generator in numerous formats like Website URL, Text, Email Address, Phone Number, SMS Message, Email Message, Contact, Google Maps GeoLocation, and Social Network Profiles. If you want a QR code for a logo so it is also possible with this Azonmedia QR code generator.

2) GoQR

Best Online QR Code Generators

Yet another free QR code generator tool is GoQR. The main task of this is to create QR codes of text data, URL, phone number, SMS and vCard details. With this QR code generator you have the freedom to customize your QR code with max. 1000 x 1000px. And you will be surprised to see the real time output in this website’s tool once you write any text as it will create a an output image correspondingly. But you have to use the standard format like in order to generate QR code.

3) Delivr

Best Online QR Code Generators

Ever heard a QR Code generator tool with tracking options? Then it is available in Delivr QR code generator. But there are restricted features if you are not registered so quickly register and enjoy all the features like Personalized Delivr address. And you can almost generate QR code for all the info like URL, Contact details, Google Analytics Campaign, Coremetrics Campaign, SMS to short code, Email, Phone Number, RSS Feed, Wi-Fi Network name and much more. It also gives an option to create customized QR code for social networking profiles.

4) BeQRious

Best Online QR Code Generators

Nothing much new in this QR code generator but it is more popular than the other ones with QR code generation features for contact information, phone numbers, GeoLocation with Google maps, Facebook Twitter links and much more. One of the unique features of this online tool is that it can generate QR code of Graphics+Text info. It is free but you can have premium plans too. And if you go premium with BeQRious you will have option to track and organize your all QR codes created. You can organize codes with your profile page which has dynamic QR code features too.

5) Online Qr Lab

Best Online QR Code Generators

If you are an online geek and wants to have everything in one place like your geeky lab then this tool is just made for you. With the help of this tool you will be able to decode and create QR code at Online Qr Lab. With that it also enables you to code Text, SMS, E-mail, Contact info, Phone number and Location. With use of this Free online QR code decoder of Online QR Lab, you will be able to decode all the details of QR code image. You can select QR code size with the feature to select your own customization levels.

6) Maestro – SPARQCode

Best Online QR Code Generators

Maestro is yet another free online QR code generator tool which is invented by SPARQCode. It has a special feature which enable you to shorten big URL into the small ones automatically. But if you don’t like this option then you can very well disable it for your reference. If you want your QR code to look even smarter then it is possible wit the help of this Smart Label and looks flexible too. Like all the others code generator it can code info like Blackberry vCard, BlackBerry PIN, APP Store, Event Calendars too.

7) BeeTagg

Best Online QR Code Generators

If you are a very fast user and wants to have all the things in a moment then you have to go for this amazingly fast QR code generator so called BeeTagg QR code. But in order to use the features you need to signup for free or premium memberships. If you are having static codes to be generated then you can go for this Free account which is basically used for testing purposes. Whereas if you want to create the dynamic QR codes then you can very well go for premium membership.

8) Zxing Project

Best Online QR Code Generators

Zxing Project is also a very fast responsive QR code generator and allows you to create QR code for the various info like Contact info, Calendar Event, GeoLocation, SMS messages, Email Address, Phone number, URL, text and WiFi Network link. It is very flexible too. Out of all the QR code generators which are available for free online Zxing Project seems to be much more portable.

9) Mobile Barcodes – QR Code Generator

Best Online QR Code Generators

If you want to have the full advantage of QR codes the you can go for Mobile Barcodes – QR Code Generator. It is a Quick Response QR code Generator which is powered by Mobile Barcodes. Using this QR code generator you can code various info like URL, Text messages, Phone numbers, Email Address and much more. And it is available to use it for free.

10) KAYWA – QR Code Generator

Best Online QR Code Generators

KAYWA QR code generator is one of those QR code generators which have both free and premium membership plans for you. With free plans you get limited features but you can create QR code instantly. And with the help of premium plans they vary depending on tracking type, scans/year, dynamic codes, QR codes amount. In order to use your QR code anywhere on the Internet it provides permanent link for your QR code.

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