Top 10 Fitness Apps for Android

In this crazy fashioned world, looks means everything to the people. And people try various things to get their looks even more improved by trying out drugs, eating healthy food, working out and much more. But have you every given a thought that in this Smartphone world being fit is very easy and you can even measure your daily fitness with the help of various Fitness Apps.

If you go to Google Play store you can find a separate category for Health and Fitness Apps just for your Android enabled Smartphone. In this post I am going to share Top 10 Fitness Apps for your Android device.

Top Android Fitness Apps

  • WeightPad
  • Diet & Calorie Tracker
  • JogTracker Pro
  • Calorie Counter by FatSecret
  • Nike BOOM
  • Absolute Fitness
  • Pocket Yoga
  • Instant Heart Rate – Pro
  • CardioTrainer
  • SportyPal Pro

Let’s go and find out some of the amazing and cool fitness apps to be installed on android devices.

1. WeightPad

Best Android Fitness Apps

If you want to keep a diet plan and want anything to keep track of your diet plan then WeightPad is the one you must look for. The UI of this App is very user friendly. It calculates your BMI and also shows a line graph of your weight that consists of the duration of your diet. Data of your diet plan and BMI can be entered in this App very easily and keeping tracks. Download

2. Diet & Calorie Tracker

Best Android Fitness Apps

Diet & Calorie Tracker Android App provides you with all the useful info related to your fitness. It keeps track of your diet and calories and lets you know how many calories you have consumed and how many you have burned for the entire day. In this App you can get info about any of the product you are looking for. You can even get a graph of your calories by setting your exercise levels. Most of the products you consume have a barcode that stores all its nutritional value info and other details so it features a barcode scanner to decode all info. Download

3. JogTracker Pro

Best Android Fitness Apps

This App consists of integrated GPS feature that can make your maps look more than just fancy map. Using this feature you can know how fast you are going while jogging and along with that you get to know the distance you travelled and how many calories you have burned. JogTracker Android App has a voice feature that can guide you with useful info and it can also upload it to Facebook automatically. And you may be amazed to know that using this App you can keep track of and keep a record of your daily workout. Download

4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Best Android Fitness Apps

A personal trainer guides you on your daily fitness routine and if you are not looking to spend such money on that then you can use this Android App that can guide you just like a personal trainer. Using this App you can keep track of your weight, calories you’ve consumed and burned. If you are looking to keep track of anything you eat then you can scan the barcode provider on it and stay healthy all the time. Download

5. Nike BOOM

Best Android Fitness Apps

Have you ever seen your personal trainer in your pocket all the time? Well, if not then you can very well do with this App that enables you with a virtual trainer for your fitness. Nike BOOM Android App can motivate you while working out by synching your favorite music to your workout.  All you need to do is just plugin those headphones in your ears and forget the world around you. Download

 6. Absolute Fitness

Best Android Fitness Apps

Absolute Fitness Android App is one of the best fitness App available in the market. This App enables you to keep track of your calories, vital signs and your exercises on daily basis. By this you can get entire report on your body fitness. In this you get all the info integrated with it on all the nutritional value of various products and even you can add it manually. If you wish to follow a diet plan based on nutritional values you can export the data in HTML format and paste it on your wall. Download

7. Pocket Yoga

Best Android Fitness Apps

We all know that Yoga is not possible without a Yoga instructor. and if you are looking for a virtual Yoga instructor then you must go for Pocket Yoga Android App. This App guides you through 27 different sessions which also includes voice instructions. This makes your session even easier by providing 145 awesome illustrations of poses that can be carried out by you. You can even play music from your mobiles music library and add interest to your work out. Download

8. Instant Heart Rate – Pro

Best Android Fitness Apps

If you are looking to monitor your heart rate all the time then Instant Heart Rate – Pro Android App is one App that you must be looking for. And if you want to keep history of your vitals and need treatment from the near by doctor then you can very well record it with this App. You may not be aware that this App is an award winning App which has great accuracy and simple to use with its user friendly UI. Download

9. CardioTrainer

Best Android Fitness Apps

This Android App is also known as the complete workout App. CardioTrainer Android App enables you to keep track of your exercises that you do and has various features like a heart rate monitor. This App can also connect with your Google contacts. Working out will be fun and easy all thanks to the music player feature integrated in it. And it has a voice training feature too. Download

10. SportyPal Pro

Best Android Fitness Apps

SportyPal Pro Android App, as the name implies it serves you virtually like a pal when it comes to fitness workout. You can find various awesome features for your workout. It measures and shows you exact details like HR, speed, desired calorie burn, track distance and real time map with GPS. Along with that it keeps track of jogging, cycling, skiing and many other exercises that you perform. Download

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