Top 10 Free Tools To Create Awesome Infographics

In today’s Date, the competition has increased in the market. Interestingly there are lot of business organizations in modern generation who are operating with less resources, but are doing well in the market and are quite capable of beating the high quality business too. Therefore it has become very important for every business organization to reach out to its potential audience.

Not just this, but these days users like information which is been presented in simpler manner to them, or you can tell simplicity is the trend today. This is where exactly data visualization comes into play. One of the best thing which we have seen in today’s generation is that Pictures convey the meaning more than text to them.

Now Business has got wide variety of opportunities to market their product/services with the help of these visualization techniques. So just go out and present your business in an informative way so that everyone can know about it.

Where and How to Promote your Infographic

Interestingly, we have partnered with one of the website All Infographics which not just create your data visualization infographics but also promote them. However if you already have an infographic created and want to reach out to millions of people out there, then this is one of the best website to get your things done.

Infographics are one of the most powerful data visualization tools these days with the potential to reach millions of people in no time. Not just this, these days almost every business desire to have a perfect branding which can be reached out with the help of an information graphics. So today we bring you some of the best tools to create an awesome infographic, which will not just help you to build your business, but will also pay the way for your marketing and sales efforts too.

Top 10 Best Free Infographic Creation Tools

10. Stat Planet

Stat Planet

This tool will give you an extraordinary taste of creating wonderful and interactive visualizations. Not just this, this will also allow you to customize your infographic the way you want it to appear finally within the same browser or without having to download it on your desktop. While another addon best thing about it is that, all the service comes for absolutely free of cost.

9. Hohli


If you like making charts and diagrams then this you would definitely love this tool a lot. With the help of this tool, you can now quickly get into online chart making or turn existing charts into a real time analysis. These is one of the best tool to create highly intuitive and elegant designs and the outcome of these is just fabulous.

8. Tableau


If you wish to get your design a beautiful kind of uniqueness, then Tableau is the tool for you to get all things done. It’s basically a windows software which will not just give you excellent designs but would also give you better quality and high colorful visuals.

7. Inkscape


If you want to find a way where you can import existing visuals and then merge them with your newly created visuals then here you go with the Inkscape which will help you to create a brand new infographic. This would not just improve efficiency but would also be perfect in reducing your efforts to a greater extent.

6. Many Eyes

Many Eyes

Many people in the world are looking forward to create a highly professional look for their images by tweaking them with various tools. With the help of this tool, you can not just design your visuals with your own data but can also use the existing data to create and beautify your data and give a brand new beginning.

5. Creately


If you are looking forward to create your Visualization with the help of flow charts and random diagrams then here is an awesome tool, Creately which will help you complete your process. Moreover, the interface is designed to neatly that you get a chance to choose the number of diagrams and charts you want to include on the visuals and then finally just dragging them to your real picture.

4. Piktochart


If you go with the free version, then you can small amount of templates to choose to makeup your visuals, but that also are more than enough to get your final product done. While the end product which comes out is also known as Piktochart watermark.

3. Icon Archive

Icon Archive

Icon Archive is a wonderful tool for people who are more interested to make their infographic with the help of different icons. While icons, as everyone knows are usually developer by commercial artists which later on can be used by people in getting their stuff ready.

2. D3


For all the Desktop lovers, here is an awesome tool which is called D3, specially meant if you are a developer, comes out with the perfect pick in your basket. D3 can help you to a greater extent with some decent programming skills to set your graphics.



If you are an excellent designer, then Photoshop would work best for you to design wonderful images, but if you are not a good designer, then GIMP comes out with the best alternative to Photoshop. With the help of this tool, you can not just perform all the Photoshop work, but also bring out excellent creativity too.

So which one are you going to choose out of it, to get your wonderful infographic done. Do share your comments out here and if your visuals are ready then do proceed with the given website above to promote your visualization.

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