Top 10 Must Have Free Windows Applications

Windows have become the most widely used operating system all around the world. And after introducing Windows 8 it has rooted its popularity even more. The latest Windows has all the features that a normal user can’t even think of and provides solutions to every other problem in the world related to its Softwares.

So are you too having this Windows installed on your PC, Laptop then you must have some of the coolest and must have Windows Applications also. These Tools not only makes your task simpler but also lets you to stay tension free all the time by providing all the features and resources that you need.

Best Windows Applications

  • Ccleaner
  • Fences
  • TrueCrypt
  • Revo Uninstaller
  • 7Zip
  • Irfan View
  • Tweak UI
  • Unlocker
  • Launchy
  • Free Download Manager

And if you love to stay online on your PC via Windows all the time then I think you must have some of the reliable Windows Software to save your PC from virus, saving time or to be more organized. And you know what is the interesting thing about these Apps? Well, they are free to download. So follow this post to know more about Top 10 Best Must Have Free Windows Applications.

1. Ccleaner

Best & Important Windows Application

I think this Windows Application is ever since the stone age and you know what it rocks. I can proudly say that Ccleaner is one of the best and my favorite Tool. It is very effective in cleaning my system easily and in no time. The main task of these Apps is to remove all the unnecessary temp and useless files that occupies more memory and hence improves your PC performance. Download

2. Fences

Best & Important Windows Application

If you are a lazy geek like me and wants your desktop to be organized by someone else then I think you should go for this Fences Windows Application. For me it’s like a buddy to which I and my desktop cant imagine without it. You can organize all your files and folders in one place for easy searching in the future. It is so easy to use, all you need to is just right click mouse button and click create a fence by easily dragging it on desktop. Download

3. TrueCrypt

Best & Important Windows Application

If you are worried about that what if your data may be stolen by someone then leave this tension to TrueCrypt App. This App allows you to encrypt and hide your personal and important data. It hide and encrypt data in such a way that no one can know about it. It also provides support for USB drives, just in case if it is lost then no need to worry about data steals. Download

4. Revo Uninstaller

Best & Important Windows Application

There are some Windows Tools that I know that after installing, they just doesn’t get uninstalled no matter what you do. So for such moody tools Revo Uninstaller paves the way to uninstall programs fast and very easily. With Advance option you can easily uninstall programs and after uninstalling they don’t leave out any traces like temp files and registry key. Download

5. 7Zip

Best & Important Windows Application

There are thousands of files and data that occupy more space on your HDD. So are you looking to compress and save some of that disk space on your PC? Then I suggest you must go for 7Zip Windows Software. You may be happy to hear that this App doesn’t need any registration or sign ups. To ease out your tasks this Tool has multi-language support for more than 74 languages. Download

6. Irfan View

Best & Important Windows Application

Windows default image viewer is so old and out of fashion in most of the versions. So are you looking for an alternate solution? Well, Irfan View is the one I guess you are looking for. It is a free image viewer Windows Application. To make you amaze it is loaded with many useful features and user friendly UI. Few of the features are image editing, resizing, slideshow, rotating and batch conversion. Download

7. Tweak UI

Best & Important Windows Application

Bored of the same old Windows UI for system settings? Well it’s about time you must look for alternate Apps which will change your system settings which are not easily done by default Windows UI. And this can be done by Tweak UI. By doing so you’re PC will become more secure and fast. Some of the feature of this App is customizing taskbar, desktop, my computer etc. Download

8. Unlocker

Best & Important Windows Application

Have you ever come across some of the Windows error like “Cannot delete file, File is in use by other user” while renaming, deleting and transferring files? Well I’m sure you must have else you are no good user of Windows. This error can be overcome by Unlocker Windows Tool. It helps you to unlock such files easily and quickly. Download

9. Launchy

Best & Important Windows Application

A lazy geek like me looks for every possible shortcut on the PC that will minimize my time to launch the Applications on my desktop. If you are one such person like me so I guess you must try Launchy App. It allows you to launch apps easily and quickly, all you need is a simple shortcut to access them. After installing it you can easily customize with your own shortcuts. Download

10. Free Download Manager

Best & Important Windows Application

Most of the users out there are hungry for free stuffs that comes for their PC to work on. So why waste so much of time in downloading? Just install Download Manager which is available for free. It even supports torrents that can be easily downloaded on your PC. Just give a try to it and you will be amazed to see the fast downloading speed too. Download

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