Top 5 Best Battery Saving iPhone (iOS) Apps

Every Smartphone is the world has the same problems of battery, whether it comes to Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad or Android based gadgets like Samsung, and rest. The new advancements in technology has made the manufacturers to move into Smartphone world where the world itself is so much inspired about it. To be into the competition, every company has launched its own Smartphone with an aim to cover the market, and now the problem seems to be even bigger than usual. While research are still going on which would make battery stay for upto 2 weeks with one time charging as said by Liliputian’s battery.

Some of the solution for this problem could be wireless charging, where one company has already implemented as we say for Samsung Galaxy S III, or one could also think about solar cells, which will charge the mobile when subjected to direct sunlight. These are some of the ways which could really enhance the battery life, but still these technologies are still to be implemented or made available to the general public.

Today we are going to see some of the best battery savings Apps for iPhone to save your battery to a great extent. With the point that above technologies are still yet to be implemented, so we are describing some of the best apps which could not just save your battery for longer hours, but would also sustain it for better usage.

Top 5 iPhone Battery Saving Apps

Battery is one of the most vital elements of any Smartphone. With increased number of apps we install almost everyday on our Phone; it really becomes difficult to save battery. Applications such as games, tracking apps, GPS system normally consumes lot of memory and take battery too. But there are lots of other applications like task killers and rest which would help you to save your battery to a great extent. Following are some of the apps which will get your job done.

  • Battery LED!
  • BatterySense by Philips Consumer Lifestyle
  • Battery Doctor Pro – Max Your Battery Life
  • Battery God
  • Battery Life Pro – All in One

Now quickly let’s go ahead and checkout some of the best apps to save batter life in iPhone.

5. Battery LED!

Best battery Saving iPhone Apps

Before you plan out to save your battery, one of the most important things which you have to know is how much battery are you having currently and what all apps it can hold on? Battery LED! Performs this function exactly the same, by giving you a statistics of what all apps you can run and for how much time they are going to last till your battery completely ends. This is a great apps with better interface structure so that you can get to know how much battery will be consumed if you are going to use gaming, browsing, music and so on.

4. BatterySense

Best battery Saving iPhone Apps

If you are a fan of interactive user interface, then BatterySense is the one you are looking for. Not just better interface, but it provides some of the best features to showcase what all apps you are running currently and which of them are using more memory and battery. It helps you to switch off services which are consuming more battery usage which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, notifications, Screen Brightness and others

3. Battery Doctor Pro

Best battery Saving iPhone Apps

If you are looking forward to get a detailed and accurate information about your battery and it’s health, then Battery Doctor Pro is the app you are looking for. It provides you a detailed interface along with the list of applications which are currently consuming most of your battery, and also for how much time they are going to last until the battery gets dry up. It can also be called as a smart app which helps you to find out which process is currently draining your battery dry.

2. Battery God

Best battery Saving iPhone Apps

If you are aiming for a simple and decent interface looking battery style then Battery God comes to your rescue. It provides you complete information about the battery life and the apps which are making it dry soon or later. One of the best feature of this app is that it helps you to customize what all you can see on your front screen and take necessary precautions to make your battery life stay longer.

1. Battery Life Pro

Best battery Saving iPhone Apps

If you are looking forward to maximize your batter power and utilize it well, then Battery Life Pro would do your task in a better and elegant manner. It provides you all the information which are draining your battery dry currently will all possible helps and solutions.

Although one of the renowned fact which almost everyone know as of now is that there are not many apps for battery saving in android than the one we have for iOS for iPhone and iPad. In iOS, you have plenty of apps which would not just take control of your phone battery but would also optimize it very well and helps you save your battery for longer period. Do checkout the above apps and let us know what you feel about them in our commenting section.

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    There is a new app which also can help – SynergiOS smart battery manager

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