Top 5 Earthquake Monitoring Apps for Android

Here the hot topic which is going on this time is earthquake, which is been experiencing in lot of part of world. And with this growing world of Android, now it has made Earthquake Monitoring Apps which will guide you in real time life. Main thing about these Apps is to provide information regarding earthquake effecting areas all over the world.

Earthquake Monitoring has now become one of the most and useful piece of discovering helping us to find major points for a particular place/city/country where earthquake is expected to hit or is going to be hit very soon.

Our list today includes

  • Earthquake Monitor
  • Earthquake Alert
  • Disaster Alert
  • Latest Quakes
  • Earthquake Alerter Free

Here are top 5 Earthquake Monitoring Apps for Android. Do check them out as they are very useful in many instances.

5. Earthquake Monitor

Best Earthquake Monitoring Android Apps

Earthquake Monitor is considered as the best and the most awesome Android App with lots of features in it. All you have to do is to download this App from Google Play and then connect with internet. After few seconds of buffering it shows places on earth which are recently been affected by quake. Here this App manages with respect to GMT which make you understand what time place was affected with quake. Other features of this App are auto refresh, refresh frequency, notify magnitude, and list notification. Download

4. Earthquake Alert

Best Earthquake Monitoring Android Apps

Earthquake Alert is one of the best one for those who need detailed and minute information regarding every aspects of earthquake. After getting installed in Android phone just connect to internet. In few seconds this App will start getting information regarding quake details, like exact magnitude, location, from where it started, what are places that got affected with quake and much more.  You can even filter your required features like distance, date, magnitude and location in world. Download

3. Disaster Alert

Best Earthquake Monitoring Android Apps

Coming up with multi feature Android App called Disaster Alert which gives information not only regarding earthquake. But also other disaster called flood, hurricane, tsunami, weather alert, wild fire, and volcano. This is awesome Android App with great number of features which makes man to alert in all the aspects. It gives collective information regarding current and real-time incident which get posted to internet. Here alert are very fast which makes it a life saving feature. Download

2. Latest Quakes

Best Earthquake Monitoring Android Apps

Latest Quakes is one of the amazing Android App with great number of features in it. You can view last 7 days information regarding earthquake which affected places. This has filter option through which you can filter details like magnitude, time, date, location and distance. You can even post alert which are getting from this App to social networking sites, so people get alert regarding any kind of disaster taken place in their area. Best feature is, it stays updated with even small kind of info too. So this is one best App with many features. Download

1. Earthquake Alerter Free

Best Earthquake Monitoring Android Apps

Earthquake Alerter Free is basically given free since all Android App cannot be offered with price. Since it is been life saving App it is made free to help users any time staying alert without any kind of spending from their pocket. You can get free alert all the time getting updated. Alerts are in form of push messages; you can make your own filter to magnify your own settings. As like other features here are location, date, time, and magnitude of alert. Download

We Hope these apps might be very useful to you all in tracking down earthquake and its related disaster. Do pour your comments on how you liked our article with wonderful apps on earthquake monitoring.

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  1. Kia
    March 25, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

    I live in New Zealand and I have found QuakeNotify to be excellent! It is one of the few (if not the only) that offers voice notifications which I find really convenient…and my folks in the states love it because it allows them to monitor my specific area of New Zealand and keep up to date when big quakes hit.

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