Top 7 Android File Manager Apps

Android Smartphones are so in these days and you get loads of features to explore out of them. And once such advantage you get with them is that you can mount an SD card and browse through it and also the internal storage. But for that you need to have a file explorer App.

Various latest Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S or other some custom ROMs come with this file explorer in built. But what about the older versions? Well the solution for every problem can be found in Google Play Store, which has various file manager Apps in it. Every other App has its own UI and features. So which one to select?. Below are some cool apps which will help you to do your work in a simplified way.

  • Root Browser
  • ES File Explorer File Manager
  • ROM Toolbox Pro
  • Androzip File Manager
  • Solid Explorer Beta2
  • Root Explorer
  • Astro File Manager/Browser

Just follow this post on Top 7 Android File Manager Apps to know more. With these file explorer Android Apps you get options not only to browse your their files, but also to navigate and organize them.

1. Root Browser

Best Android File Manager Apps

Root Browser is developed by the famous company JRummy Apps Inc. And various other popular Apps also have been introduced by them such as BusyBox Installer. Like the other Apps, Root Browser is also one of the great Apps. This App gives your Smartphone a different new level of customization. It lest you to manage and organize your files and folders in a very easy manner and you can easily browse through your SD card or internal storage memory effortlessly via its cool UI. Almost every other user of this App has rated it as one of the Top Apps. Download

2. ES File Explorer File Manager

Best Android File Manager Apps

It may not be the easiest Apps to useĀ  but this ES File Explorer has some of the coolest and wild features that every other user wishes for. With this App you can easily create archives, manage and organize folders and files, extract from archives, manage Apps or kill the unnecessary tasks which takes extra load time. And one cool feature of this App is that you can also connect to your shared folders of your network. If I start to explain the features of this App it may take a while so I will leave this task to be explored by yourself. Download

3. ROM Toolbox Pro

Best Android File Manager Apps

By the name it may not look like a file explorer App but ROM Toolbox Pro has many features to offer and one such feature is file manager. You get option to install this App as a stand-alone or install along with the Pimp my ROM suite of tweaks and mods for Android devices. Like all the other file explorer Apps this Apps also offers all the basic features, but with this App you also get some extra features given in this package. But you have to make a note of one thing that this App is made for root users, so if you want to use it then root your device. Download

4. Androzip File Manager

Best Android File Manager Apps

Androzip File Manager is one popular App that offers various features to users along with amazing UI. This App lets you to create and open archives. This App enables you to browse through the folders on your SD card or internal memory very easily. You also get added features such as disposal a task manager and a backup service. These features make your device a secure one. And if you have decided to support the developer of this App then you can very well purchase it, and you get assistance from the send via email feature which enables you to quickly share files on your Smartphone. Download

5. Solid Explorer Beta2

Best Android File Manager Apps

I was doubtful about this Solid Explorer Beta2 file explorer App until I used it. And once I installed on my device and after using I was amazed to see the easy navigating features it offers and smoothest UI. You cannot find such App anywhere else because it has a feature that allows you to have split screen browser for easy drag and drop files from one location another. Along with that it enables the user to sync their files to cloud like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive. Creating and extracting archives and browsing FTP networks are made easier with this App. Download

6. Root Explorer

Best Android File Manager Apps

In order to enjoy the various loaded featured custom ROMs various users root their devices. So if you are one such user then this file explorer App is just for your device. Root Explorer App allows you to have benefits from the root access and you can alter the contents of your device as you wish. With this file explorer App you can easily access all your files and folders, it also lets you to create or extract archive and share your files also. It can be said as a perfect root explorer App. It may not have extra features but it has what you need the most. Download

7. Astro File Manager/Browser

Best Android File Manager Apps

I started using this App way back last Christmas and still loving it and did not find any sort of fault in it. Astro File Manager has all the features that every file explorer has. When this App was launched for the first time it had some bugs but now, the developers have turned it into a perfect App that works really well. Along with file explorer features it provides other features like cloud sync with Dropbox and Google Drive. It also offers App backup and cloud backup. I think you must try this App and easy your Smartphone exploring life. Download

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