Top 7 Best FTP Clients for Mac Users

People who are new to Mac Operating System it is possible to get often confusions about Apps and its installation procedure. Mac users have to work differently than others do in PC. Sometimes it takes advantages but sometimes not. But once if you start to use Mac Operating System you will never get hand to Windows and Linux Operating System.

As same concept to iPhone users never changes to another phone brands. FTP client are Softwares used by webmasters and bloggers to upload their huge amount of contents to their web servers running their websites and vice versa in simultaneous manner. Here is the list of 7 FTP clients for Mac users.

  • Yummy
  • Speed Download
  • Fetch
  • FileZilla
  • Flow
  • CyberDuck
  • Transmit

I am not sure about user interaction made user friendly but they are used by more number of Mac users. FTP client App is client-server model works by establishing FTP connection between end device in which it is installed and server.     

Paid and Free FTP Clients for Mac

There are several FTP clients available in App store, list describes both free and paid FTP clients. Users which find interesting can use them.

7. Transmit

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

Transmit is said to be number one FTP client for MAC Operating System. Transmit user interaction design is much more flexible. It is available for free download and it is elegant and functional FTP client for MAC. It is highly flexible and intuitive. Transmit has been in in this industry for long time. That has everything webmaster needs. It contains basic FTP protocol version, iDisk and Amazon S3 support. Transmit has unique features like handling multiple connection, bandwidth limiting, send SSH command and view security certificates. Download

6. CyberDuck

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

Cyberduck is another popular FTP client mostly used. Its interface is simpler and does not make you excite by its graphics Appearance. It is suitable for coders who codes while FTP transactions, it allows you to edit them using specific editor. Cyberduck supports Google cloud storage and also some other cloud storage services. If you are already a Google Drive user it adds quickly way to access that storage space inside in it and manages connections, bidirectioanal transmissions. Download

5. Flow

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

Flow is also most widely used FTP client. But it comes with cost around $10 because luxury comes with price. The user interface is smooth and cool textures and makes interaction friendlier. One of unique feature in this it supports drag and drop features available in Windows Operating System to upload files to net using Droplets new scheme in this flow App. Once the files are uploaded, links of these files can be copied to clipboard. The drawbacks in Flow is little unstable and crashes sometimes more than other programs, another disadvantage is that it costs and not a free App. Download

4. FileZilla

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

FileZilla is very famous in Windows Operating System, because of this or what I do not know it is not mostly like able to Mac users who expects more graphical interface. The graphical user interface of FileZilla is ugly and gets bore after used so many times, but it does the process as much as quick. It is very quite good with process but with interface is only one disadvantage, for Mac users expecting more, windows successful product cannot compete with Mac Operating System. Download

3. Fetch

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

Fetch Appearance for user interaction is good and it provides short and minimal interface, although its Appearance is good it provides only strict basic FTP and support of droplets, one which lets users to drag and drop contents to web server. Fetch is paid App, it is not worth of its cost than its services offered. Fetch comes in 15 days free trial period to test drive this FTP client to have start in it. Fetch supports Mac OS X 10.5 and above versions. Download

2. Speed Download

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

Speed download is one of the common download mangers for Mac. Now it starts to provide support for FTP transmission too. Every Mac user knows its interface and interaction known by them all adds it advantages. The interface and Appearance of Speed Download is very user friendly with graphic icons. Speed Download is paid App that if we buy in bulk then cost of this product is less. Able to connect to multiple servers for sharing photos and connect to iDisk. Speed Download offers integration with iTunes and Safari. It can also be run through command line terminal. Download

1. Yummy

Best FTP Client Software for Mac

Yummy FTP is bargain for Mac users, because it does what user instructed. It is said to be having all the features included which are super fast transfers, failure auto recovery, auto upload folders, directory synchronization,scheduling,remote editing, file/folder filtering  and able to provide list and column views. Yummy FTP client App is paid one to use. I prefer other Apps found to be useful when compared to price of this App. These are all the FTP clients Apps most widely used by Mac users. Users with varying internet connection speed choose your FTP clients accordingly. Download

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  1. Markus
    February 22, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    Thank you for this article, otherwise I might not have found Yummy FTP. It totally blows the rest out of the water : it is amazingly fast and totally reliable. Can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Dr Spin
    March 19, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    Thanks for the Yummy FTP tip! Was struggling with the awful interface of Cyberduck… Yummy FTP is by far the best!

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