10 Android Parenting Apps for Modern Age Parents

Parents have also worried about their child, whether it’s of the older age parents or the modern age. Before there were lot of problems our parents have faced while bringing up ahead of everyone, but now thing have simplified in all ways. Just wondering how our parents stood us up without any diapers, without the help of any modern gadgets, without any tips whatsoever on raising a child, without any help of smartphones, no gaming on smartphone for us, no educations apps.

But we had something special which the modern generation today doesn’t have which was beautiful story books and coloring books, outdoor gaming, which even the modern generation also has, but nobody just have time for all these. Nevertheless, today’s parents are much more intelligent on making their kids get the best possible thing out there along with benefiting them from various joys which indeed comes out from gadgets.

In our modern age, mobile phone has taken over to many toys and books which we (older age children) use to enjoy and has taken the modern age to a new height. Interestingly, now the smartphone has become our best friends and companion.

For modern parents, these gadgets provides lots and lots of information on variety of topics in form on apps making it to our big list of parenting apps for android as listed out in the following

  • S.O.S. by American Red Cross
  • Baby Monitor & Alarm
  • Baby Connect (activity logger)
  • Baby Monitor
  • Baby ESP
  • Life360 Family Locator
  • Parenting Ages & Stages
  • BabyBump Pregnancy Free
  • Happy Pregnancy Ticker
  • My Pregnancy Today

So let’s go out and checkout our best apps on Parenting on Android Smartphone.

Top 10 Android parenting apps

10. S.O.S. by American Red Cross

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

It is always advisable to be prepared for the worse thing to happen. Although this app doesn’t falls into the Android Parenting App list, but still we would like it to be here since everybody is concern about their life and it’s always nice and good to be prepared for anything which would be happening in future. Checkout the app for more information about how you can get easy access to all facilities during emergency. Download

9. Baby Monitor & Alarm

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

Baby Monitor & Alarm, is definitely one of the best app for baby monitoring. It comes out with bundle of some amazing features which you won’t find anywhere else. It also helps you to get a good and sound for your baby by playing mother’s voice whenever the baby wakes up or even send you a notification as well. If you are so concern and protective about your baby, then this is the app you should never miss out from your Smartphone. Download

8. Baby Connect (activity logger)

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

Baby Connect, comes out with beautiful interface along with lots of interesting features that allows you to monitor daily activity of your baby. It gives you lot of options along with beautiful chats to show your baby progress daily. It also reminds you of your baby vaccines and medication from time to time. With this app, now you can be sure of your baby care in best possible way from time to time. Download

7. Baby Monitor

Best Android Baby Parenting AppsBaby Monitor, is a sensational app that is designed perfectly just to monitor everything for your baby. Starting from baby sleep, it does almost everything in taking care of the baby. Not just this, it also sends you an SMS wherever the baby is crying or it could automatically click and send you picture of your baby so that you can know whether your baby is fine or not. This is really a fantastic app that lets you to sleep at night with no concerns about your baby. Download

6. Baby ESP

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

Baby ESP, brings you the best of baby health. With the help of this app, you could actually monitor and schedule everything which a baby needs starting from Bathing, meals, and everything which a baby needs in his/her daily schedule. It’s time for the digital age, where people are so use to smartphones that now everything is made available in gadgets itself, unlike the older age where people use to carry the old notebooks for everything. Download

5. Life360 Family Locator

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

Life360 Family Location, by the name itself anyone can notice what this app would do actually. It will trace out your family location anytime with this beautiful android app. Not just this, you could actually search your kids and send them instant messages too, no matter where they are. This app is specially designed for all those parents who are always very much concern about their child and want to know whether their child is safe or not at all times. Download

4. Parenting Ages & Stages

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

Parenting Ages and Stages, brings you all useful information from a popular magazine for just parents. Over here you would not just get all the tips and latest information about parents, but would also get a chance to talk to them around the world within matter of few seconds. With this simple and beautiful interface, this app lets you do all possible things at just one places and find all new things which you might not be aware of. Download

3. BabyBump Pregnancy Free

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

BabyBump Pregnanct Free, is an excellent tool that provides with immense information about what a pregnant lady needs. This app is considered to be the best applications for parents which provide daily and detailed information about how the baby is developing. One of the best thing which they have done is that the users of these app can also get in touch with other parents using this app, to get more information about what they did during their pregnancy time, or what needs to be done and how carefully needs to be done anything during pregnancy. Download

2. Happy Pregnancy Ticker

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

Happy Pregnancy Ticker, is a great app that helps you in all possible ways during your pregnancy days/months. It has various tools that enable you to track the information of the mother and baby in terms of their body current situation and also provides with detailed statistics of the same. Additionally, it provides you many other tools for mothers along with a place of forum, where everyone can share their experience and received bundle of tips altogether. Download

1. My Pregnancy Today

Best Android Baby Parenting Apps

My Pregnancy Today is one of the finest app to know what you need constantly if you are on a track to have a baby.  It is one of the most productive apps we have seen which gives you information about the development of your baby along with how your body would react and changes that your body are going to witness, on a regular and daily basis. We have listed out this app on our top list and infact on the 1st list as we think, this app definitely deserves to be on the top list for all future mothers. Download

Now that you have all your favorite apps on your hand for all young parents who can make their kids raising more easier than ever until otherwise you get a Futuristic robot who will do all your work for you. Our listed apps will definitely help you a lot in keeping a track of your child and I am sure you must have enjoyed our article. Do pour our your comments on what you think about the above apps and which one you liked the most out of all of them.

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