15 Best Gmail Apps and Plugins for Productivity

Internet came into existence because of electronic mailing system as we can say it strongly. Google offers Gmail service that provides quick and efficient way of sending mails, for business folks they are in need of bulk mail sending or frequent mail sending scheme. For that they use some third party Application to combine with Gmail for sending mails.

The list of Apps and plugins for productivity of Gmail is as follows.

  • Task Force App
  • Boomerang for Email
  • Rapportive
  • Snooze Gmail
  • Attachments.me
  • Find Big Email
  • SaneBox
  • UnRoll.me
  • Gmail Offline
  • ActiveInbox
  • Grexit
  • Scrubly
  • Yesware
  • Banana Tag
  • Notes for Gmail

Best Gmail Productivity Apps & Plugins

Internet marketers also uses lab features like canned response and life saving option, you can say is Undo send mail. Mail system has to be managed profitably and efficient manner to implement this automated process. Except from Google lab features there are certain Apps that provide management and social contacts productivity.

Best Gmail Productivity Apps & Plugin

15. Task Force App

Taskforce App is one of the primary Apps used by many of internet marketers. The work principle of Task Force is to clear your inbox and mail managements into task managements structure. Thus it provides user inbox in organized manner and saves time for searching particular mail. Download

14. Boomerang for Email

Boomerang is one of the awesome Apps to try. Boomerang App works like its name implies. Boomerang App provides user to schedule emails for future time and date. It provides acknowledgement of mail you sent if not it provides reminder. Download

13. Rapportive

Rapportive is an additive information provider in our inbox. It presents information about contacts, social profiles facebook, myspace, linked in, google+, etc, .It shows all relevant information more than identifying mail sender profile and contacts. Download

12. Snooze Gmail

For the mails that you find really important to send or read at particular time, users are allowed to specify snooze time for mails. So that users are able to get remainder of that mails or make them as unreadable. Users preference time is specified for number of hours or even days. Download

11. Attachments.me

Gmail allows users to either save their attachments in local computer or view as Google documents. Attachments.me allows user to save their attachments as cloud. This makes users to access their attachments quickly instead of searching them in each and every mail. This plug-in comes in handy when users run out of space in Google for storing mail attachments. Download

10. Find Big Email

Users of Gmail often find that storage space is full, it is difficult to find that which email occupying more space and which is big email you can take in this way. By finding corresponding mail either you can delete mail to save disk space of Gmail. It comes handy when there is lot of mails in inbox. Download

9. SaneBox

Sanebox is versatile App that combines work done by Attachments.me, snooze Gmail and priority option in Gmail. Sanebox manages inbox efficiently and organizes mails in order. Prorization process done automatically and unwanted mails scheduling. It works in Android phones also. Download

8. UnRoll.me

Most of us accidentally subscribed unwanted newsletters and email subscriptions, they mail us continuously and junk our inbox. To avoid that use unroll.me to get rid of unwanted subscriptions, group mails and newletters. Everyone must try this App to avoid getting your inbox filled with unwanted mails. Download

7. Gmail Offline

Gmail offline App is useful for when there is net connection termination for hours when there is need for checking mails urgently. It lets you view, respond and archive mails and search mails. Once plug-in is installed it transforms all the emails available for offline viewing. After restarting browser users are allowed to browse offline. Download

6. ActiveInbox

Users who do not have proper alignment or control of inbox can use this App to control your inbox. It provides simple and effective way of managing inbox emails and attachments. It can also be able to mange other management tools. Download

5. Grexit

Grexit allows users to be identified to their friends in Google map, if you already aware of Google map make use of this App. using Grexit, simple communication establishes between business peoples. Download

4. Scrubly

What happens if your inbox gone out of control with spams and duplicate mails. This possible of problem recovery solution is Scrubly. Using Scrubly, users are able to find conflicting address, phone numbers and formatting errors.

Scrubly works smooth on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. The major role of Scrubly is to backup your inbox from errors and problems. Download

3. Yesware

Yesware is not for free of sale. But it features worth it. It is used for tracking mails. It has been frequently used by major private companies to create templates and easy to sync to customer request mail or method. All users are intimated by user click for links and number of times user reads mail. Download

2. Banana Tag

Banana tag similar to Yesware but it has some additional options to set smart notifications and tags in mail. It allows showing email metrics. With the help of email metrics it can detect success or failure of plan. Download

1. Notes for Gmail

As name implies notes for Gmail, it works similar to sticky note available in windows 7, able to note some important points and notes in that so that you never forget anything and to manage everything on time. Download

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  1. March 28, 2013 at 9:55 am #

    GREAT LIST and 80% are ones I use actively!

    Humbly mentioning my own app here as it really deserves at least a quick check if you haven’t heard of it: WriteThatname automatically updates your address book by analyzing your email exchanges and extracting contact information.


    • Tech Web Stuff
      March 28, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

      WriteThatname looks cool. Would be definitely willing to add up in another list of review soon.

      Cheers 🙂

  2. May 29, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Very Well compiled list, however it would be great if Apps list and Plugin list were seggregated.

    Do Check “TinyEmail” at the App Store for productivity, its the Top New App for Productivity right now.


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