5 Excellent Softwares to Take Screenshots in Windows

In olden days you would have took screen shots by hitting your fingers on the print screen key on your keyboard and then pasting the taken screen shot in any of the picture editing Tools such as MS paint. But it is a thing of the past now.

This was the simplest way but it lacked features and the way you wanted to take it in details like the part of the screen you wanted to capture specifically. It was like a time consuming task in those days. So to avoid all these, we bring some of the best softwares today to take up your screenshot right from your desktop itself with the following

  • Snagit
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen hunter
  • MW Snap
  • Gadwin

But we are living in an era where almost everything and anything is possible. There exist several softwares by using which you can take screen shots in the way you want and with advanced features. I am going to list the Top 5 Best Excellent Softwares to Take Screenshots in Windows.

1. Snagit

Best Screenshot Capturing Windows Softwares

Snagit Window Tool, it combines multi features in it. You can manage, edit and take screen shots with this Application very easily which makes it best in the market. With this App you can take shots of parts of screens, dialog boxes, zooms in to different areas of the screen. You can even use it to modify and enhance your screenshots. Download

2. Screen Capture

Best Screenshot Capturing Windows Softwares

The name itself implies the task of this Windows Application. It is a great Tool to capture screen shots easily. It is easy to use because of its smooth UI through which you can take, manage and save screenshots using a single window app. Selecting custom area of the screen is one the advanced features in it. Download

3. Screen hunter

Best Screenshot Capturing Windows Softwares

it is not really a hunter but the name says it. You can take screen shots using this software as it is one of the simplest tools to use. You get the freedom of taking screen shots by a single key by pressing F6. Advanced options include making the mouse pointer disappear from the screenshot, specific area of screen capture etc. Download

4. MW Snap

Best Screenshot Capturing Windows Softwares

if you think you are a pro and need to take a precision screen shot in various ways like zooming in or zooming out function then MW Snap is the one Windows Tools you must be looking for. It is one great App that has the capability to take screen shots in an amazing way with various options. Download

5. Gadwin

Best Screenshot Capturing Windows Softwares

Gadwin Windows Tool is very alike to MS Office product in terms of UI. Using this App you can take and manage screenshots easily. You get various features with this tool and advanced options such as adding comment boxes to captured screens and adding arrows etc. Download

Start capturing your stuffs like Photos, videos with the above powerful screenshot capturing tools. So folks which is your choice? Do let us know your feedback on which one you liked the most.

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