5 Useful Blogging Tools For Linux Users

Most of the users are unaware of the OS so called Linux and I was one of them when I started my Blogging career. As all the others used the Windows Applications so I was one of them too. When I came to know about the features of Linux then I started using it slowly as my other operating system. It has many applications and that too free.

If you are looking for other software according to your need then I think using Linux will give you that alternative. Most of the Bloggers use and suggest those Applications but it suits me and I go for Linux Apps. Our list for Linux Useful and Productive tools for blogging includes

  • Shutter
  • kazam
  • BloGtk
  • DropBox
  • Ubuntuone
  • Google Drive
  • Openshot
  • Pithivi

If you know a fact that the Tools which are made for Windows or Mac are not available in Linux. So here I give you the Top 5 Useful Blogging Tools for Linux Users which I use it very often and manage my work easier.

1. [Screenshot Tool] Shutter

Best Linux Blogging Tools

If you are in need of taking any particular area’s screen shot in your PC then I suggest Shutter is the one you are looking for and it is an open source program. With particular areas it also allows you to take screenshot of a whole website and enabling users to apply different effects to the image.  Various options are available for editing image. If you think it can compete photoshop then stop thinking as it is only a basic editing Tool.

2. [Screen Casting Tool] kazam

Best Linux Blogging Tools

If you are crazy about screen casting then Kazam is one awesome Application to create screen casting. It can support HD recording in 720p. And with that it also supports video sharing to many websites with its direct upload feature. The editing is made easier with Applications like Pithivi editor, openshot editor. You must go for this tool for sure.

3. [Blogging Client] BloGtk

Best Linux Blogging Tools

If you are looking for an Application which supports Blogger, WordPress and many other platforms then BlogTk is the one. It has features except that of WYSIWYG text panel.  It combines the features of HTML and plain text for the text editing area. With this Linux Application you get support for custom tag and many other features that are available in it.

4. [Blog Backup] DropBox, Ubuntuone, and Google Drive

Best Linux Blogging Tools

As Linux is not known to most of the users so cloud storage platform is not available for it. But it has support for the popular platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and Ubuntu one. It provides helpful ways to store your data on cloud. I personally use Dropbox as using it you can directly upload your file in Dropbox account using WordPress plugin.

5. [Video Editor] Openshot and pithivi

Best Linux Blogging Tools

If you mess up with some video that is intended for your blog and if you want to edit it then you must go for Openshot and pithivi. These are the most amazing Linux Tools that will help you to edit your video. I vote for Openshot but in performance both the Applications are cool and provide all features like commercial Software.

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