7 Outdoor Games for your GPS Enabled Smartphones

Looking for some outdoor adventure, fun and entertainment? All you need is Smartphone and start to play. I am not kidding guys, you cannot only play outdoor games like cricket, basket ball or any other outdoor games you usually play. There are several outdoor games which can be played with Smartphones, here I am making list of them.

Gaming are the best possible ways to clear out our anger, and it helps in making our mood fresh most of the time. While we everyone know, how much hectic is the office work and schedule, therefore to live a healthy and peaceful life, one should always keep himself relax with both body and mind. The following GPS Outdoor gaming will definitely help you to do both of them, considering the fact that outdoor gaming is the most productive gaming for anyone.

Our GPS Enabled gaming applications includes

  • Waymarking
  • Locomatrix Treasure Hunt
  • Geodashing
  • GPS Mission
  • Geohashing
  • Geocaching (& Travel Bugs)
  • Tourality

Smartphone requires GPS enabled services to play this games and data plan. Gameplay can vary from adventure, finding ways and many more excitements.

1. Tourality

This Smartphone game able play if only GPS enabled. First it leads to game location. Game translates whether you are in urban area wherever it turns to virtual playground where your movements are identified by your Smartphones. Game rule is to reach certain game spot with a specific time period, use Smartphone as guidance that shows map to reach target. It works on multiplayer game too, so you can make team or play as individual.

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

Your aim is to reach target within time. Tourality has no restriction on maps, users are able to play in it anywhere in the world. Some of the items presents in this game are goodie spots contains points, gold are virtual points and trophies. Tourality is available in Android operating system. Download

2. Geocaching (& Travel Bugs)

Geocahing mainly deals with geocache items. Players play like it real outdoor treasure hunting game. Players trying to locate hidden containers, via GPS enabled phones and share their knowledge or experience of it to other treasure seekers. Geocaches ranges from travel bug, geocoin, trade items in military ammunition box and virtual cache.

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

Players are able to do hide and seek a cache, view geocache map, and find trackballs. A cache is typical log book players find, it records the time and signs with their names. It is said that there are 5 million geocachers available all over the world. Possible for multiplayer games also.

3. Geohashing

It is developed by XKCD. It is method of locating random location nearby and it is referred by new set of coordinates. The coordinates are every time generated randomly the coordinate can be anywhere in globe it could be forest, city, golf court, mountains etc.

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

After reaching the destinations players are requested to document their expedition the rest of their player is interested see your photos and cheer you. Everyone in given region gets the same set of coordinates as their destination. As I can say geohashing is spontaneous adventure game. Download

4. GPS Mission

There are possible of several GPS missions, players can select any mission reach destination and answer questions asked. Players can be able to create their own missions and able to transform your location house into virtual historical sites as a marker in games. There are two categories in GPS mission game, they are GPS mission and upgrade of it, GPS mission pro that offers more service quickly and effectively.

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

The game has been nominated for one of mobile renowned mobile gaming awards for industry. GPS mission is available for Nokia, iPhone, Samsung Smartphones and of course Android phones. Download

5. Geodashing

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

Geodashing considers players who reaches a large set of waypoints within time is said to be winner. The set of waypoints are known as dash points. Dash points are chosen randomly and it is unpredictable, it could be present in urban areas, forest areas and mountains. It does not matter where you are, dash points are located anywhere, pick a dash point and reach there to report. The only disadvantage in this game is dash points are sometimes are nearby and sometimes more than 10 miles. Download

6. Locomatrix Treasure Hunt

This game is most played games by players of all ages. Parents who planned to go vacation with their kids, it would be best game for you. In this game players are able to design treasure hunt with the photos. By considering photos player can identify that he/she is near to destination. Those who are interested in treasure hunting suit for this game.

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

Use photos as clues to find next targets, then using warmo meter locate yourself that you are near to target. If you got stuck in any where in game ask for clue in any point of game. Locomatrix rated as top 5 most played in GPS played games around the globe. Download

7. Waymarking

Waymarking is simply defined as marking of location to share it to others. Those who find interesting location you can mark it and share it with other players. Waymarking provides guidance to junior players by senior players. The location and description are specified for next information in Waymarking. Waymarking identifies users area of interest, it could be anything like restaurant, hotels, hospitals and much more.

Best GPS Outdoor Mobile Gaming

These are all GPS based outdoor games available in top 10 rankings over internet, Players are advised to play each and every one of them and have lot of fun. Download

So just go out with our listed Applications for GPS gaming and get yourself a nature of fun and entertainment from your boring life. Do share your comments as well in our commenting section.

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