[Infographics] Top 100,000 Websites are hosted on WordPress

WordPress is totally an Open Source Platform, most of the time used for blogging by almost all kinds of bloggers around the world. WordPress was much longer was recognized as Content Management System Tool(CMS) which is completed based on PHP and MySQL. It gives you complete experience of Templates, Plugins and much more.

With more than 14.7% of the Top Alexa Website been hosted on WordPress Platform making it to “top 1 million” websites which are made with WordPress. While you might agree, but WordPress is the top most popular CMS is the world right now.

[Infographics] Top 100,000 Websites are hosted on WordPress

Source: http://hackertarget.com/

For most of the people around the world, WordPress has really done a lot of things for everyone, do share this post to let everyone know what WordPress means to all of us.

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