Top 10 Android Scanner Apps for Mobile Scanning Options

When we look back of few years age no one had thought that Android will change world upside down by its amazing Apps. It means that Android Apps are making its path in every aspect with new kind of inventions with its new features every time. Image scanner is proving to be a daily used device in this busy life. Android have come up with various Apps with reference to image scanner.

We have included some of the best android apps for scanning your documents with the following

  • Genius Scan
  • Scanthing OCR
  • Mobilescanner
  • Droid Scan Pro PDF
  • Scan2PDF Mobile Lite
  • Scan To PDF
  • Document Scanner
  • Handy Scanner
  • Camscanner
  • Scan Document
  • Email Pro

So here are some of the Applications with great features to make your life easier. Image scanner are now widely used by many people in the world to make their scan easier and accessible at anytime they need. So let’s go out and checkout some of the best apps for android scanning.

Best Android Scanning Apps

1. Genius Scan

Best Android Scanner Apps

From above word itself we come to know that, this Android Apps sound something different. Yes! It is one genius Apps with much number of options. It not only scans and mails but also have features like detects page frame, scan color, create PDF file, and highly secure from third party user. This genius scan have touched more than 8 million Android user phones and making everyone’s life easy and simpler with its feature. Many people are looking forward for these kinds of Apps. Download

2. Scanthing OCR

Best Android Scanner Apps

OCR is nothing but optical character recognition; this is very commonly known as intelligent scanner which scans very minute words. Really is that it is basically built for people like student. Student can scan their many books and save paper, make life paperless. Specialty of this Android App is that it you can just dictate sentence and it converts to written material and stores in that memory. It scan very minute objects very easily even phone number, email id, address, and much more data. Download

3. Mobilescanner

Best Android Scanner Apps

Idea behind this Android App is very simple concept. Scan object with necessary clarity and change file into PDF format and mail it. Once file is scanned and file format is changed you just can put up in your social media sharing. Mobile scanner is very basic of scanning with lots of tips. And many features are in process to get upgraded to make some new features. This Android Apps is much suited for the beginners of scanning Apps of Android. Download

4. Droid Scan Pro PDF

Best Android Scanner Apps

It is yet another Android App for scanning purpose; you can scan and even take video of your paper document. This can change whole part of working process which makes it really very easy for users. Just take video and you can store it in cloud too. This Android App makes your experience completely paperless, just scan and change to PDF format.  Either you can mail it or you can just store in your storage memory of your phone. It support really good for high resolution since it has OCR built in it. Download

5. Scan2PDF Mobile Lite

Best Android Scanner Apps

From the word Lite itself you can imagine things are going to be made lighter and simpler to use. As a scanner it scan your data and keep as snap, whenever you need file to sent to any mail. Just you can change format into PDF and mail it. Best thing about this App is, it saves your internal memory just storing into cloud with less amount of space to be occupied. This Android App makes things simple and easy to use it. Download

6. Scan To PDF

Best Android Scanner Apps

Normal working of this scanner is same as other scanning Android Apps. One best thing about this App is that it has special commitment towards Google party since it is easy to send any kind of PDF file. When you take snap or scan through your Android phone, file is either stored in SD card or you can store in cloud via internet. There are various other features which are meant with multiple documenting, cropping, enhancing, creating PDF, sharing and many more. Download

7. Document Scanner

Best Android Scanner Apps

This Android App has been famous for its leniency that is provided. You can take any number of scans when compare to some other Android App which has some limited edition. Many website from countries have told that this Android App has made everyone financially free. There are many other options like changing to PDF format, print to cloud, OCR option by Google, new folder, you can resize your file by compressor and many more are getting updated to it. Download

8. Handy Scanner

Best Android Scanner Apps

This Android App brings you something new kind of feature in market to make user editing simpler and wiser. Here you have two great and awesome features which are known by names called batch scan option and automatic boundary detection option. These both features make editing simple and time saving. This really changes user working mode, it is mainly useful for press and media users, which is easier for them to change file to PDF and along boundary created automatically. Download

9. Camscanner

Best Android Scanner Apps

This Android App has come with many kinds of features making Android scanning App multiple handler. Some features which are very useful are like multiple docs, scans, protect your file, share via internet. Other features are you can even fax to business dealing people directly, you can just scan and store in cloud when you need it just use it. Here image quality is likely to be much smarter than other scanner which is made for Android Apps. Download

10. Scan Document And Email Pro

Best Android Scanner Apps

Android have come up with great scanning and mailing options in a single App. This entire feature is dealing with great feature which we normally think. Just you have to click an image of something like person, or things, any kind of features which you wish to take. Just click a snap, by Android App you can select snap and just you can mail directly. Settings will be already ready by this App, just click and mail. If you want to click snap and store in your phone memory that option is also available. Download

So here we come to an end of our list altogether. Do checkout these apps and let us know what you feel about them and don’t pour out your comments on it.

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  1. February 19, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    Are these all applications allow to get a print of scanned documents?

    • Tech Web Stuff
      February 23, 2013 at 5:43 am #

      Yes, Almost all of them provides this features

  2. November 24, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    You guys should try a new app in town, called OCR Instantly Free.

    Supports offline processing, cropping and image enhancement. No other OCR app I tried have all these features and as good.

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