Top 10 Best Windows 8 Data Visualization Infographics

Microsoft has just released windows 8 Operating System with lots of advantages and features. This is going to be one of the fantastic Operating System till now which has lots of potential list of features. We have also listed out some of the best advantages and dis-advantages from the world of Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 8 has been released in the following four variations

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 PRO
  • Windows RT (Windows on ARM or WOA)
  • Windows 8 Enterprise

Pros of Windows 8 OS

  • Common User Experience Across Devices
  • Windows to Go
  • Push Button Reset
  • New Log-In Options
  • faster Boot Time
  • 3G/4G Support

Cons of Windows 8 OS

  • No Start Menu
  • Need for Massive Training
  • Fragmented Ecosystem
  • Desktop Abandonment
  • Hardware Outlay

Today we present you some of the best Data Visualization information graphics on Microsoft Windows 8. Do check out and leave your valuable feedback on the following infographics

1. Why you should Buy Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft is one of the most essential and top OS providers companies of the world. With the pace to grow more and more everyday, windows 8 seems to be the best OS till date in the modern generation. With lots of potential features, there is no such harm in getting the best available Operating system till date in the market.

Why you should Buy Microsoft Windows 8

2. Windows 8 OS: Top 5 Best Advantages & Dis-Advantages

Windows 8 is one of the best Operating system i have personally used myself till date. with over 100 new addon features from Microsoft this year, definitely this product is a great hit in the market. While we have already shared some of the best advantages which includes Better User Experience, New Log-In options, better and faster loading speed, and lastly 4G support. Although there are lot of other advantages as well which has been described in the following information graphics.

Windows 8 OS: Top 5 Best Advantages & Dis-Advantages

3. Top 10 Best Microsoft Windows 8 OS Features

Windows 8 comes out with best features from the entire world. Below is a small list of some of them, you can check them out, more details and insights are provided over here

  • Windows to Go
  • Windows Store
  • Metro Style UI
  • Better Security
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Faster Booting
  • Apps always ON
  • Minimal RAM
  • Single Platform

Top 10 Best Microsoft Windows 8 OS Features

4. Microsoft Windows 8 OS – Stats & Positive Reactions so Far

We have extensively collected better statistics which would suit your configurations. Windows 8 is now every where, with people speaking around speaking everything possible about it, you really can’t get away with their stats and best positive reactions so far from people. With over 65000+ tweets before the start of launch of windows 8 is really an awesome one.

Microsoft Windows 8 OS – Stats & Positive Reactions so Far

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