Top 15 Best Travel Apps for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Travelers who travel often and those who travel to unknown places, there are all Apps must known for you. Definitely there comes situation where you lost somewhere, you want to know map to find address or location.

Our best know apps for both Android as well as for iOS (iPhone & iPad) includes

  • Kayak
  • TripIt
  • Flight Track
  • HostelWorld
  • XE Currency Converter
  • Expensify
  • Lemon
  • FoodSpotting
  • Foursquare
  • Triposo
  • TouristEye
  • Google Translate
  • Google Local
  • Google Maps
  • Google Now/Siri

People whose are in situation like this known Apps should be there to help. Whether you use Android Smartphone or iOS, iPhone and iPad these are all Apps available for downloading. All you need is Smartphone and data plan and how to handle it.

1. Kayak

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Kayak App able to provide map for very far and various locations whether they are in mountains, forest and even in city. Kayak provides lot of options to look for destined target location. Kayak is simple terms said to be travel search engine and information gathers which already gathered information about best travel sites. Kayak offers also booking of flight tickets and links to web services that differs corresponding services.

2. TripIt

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

TripIt is initiator in the world of travel Apps. All basic features available in common travel Apps are derived from this App only. Tripit has feature designed for some family tours or with friends. Tripit has one of important feature that lets App user to share their tour plan to family members, friends and anyone who uses this App. Tripit App is available for both Android and iOS platform.

3. Flight Track

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Flight Track App is most suited for business people who often air travel. This App presents user with flight schedules and timings. This App becomes handy when in situation of delay or flight cancellation to find substitutes. Flight Track is available in both platforms Android and iOS.

4. HostelWorld

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Travelers with minimum budget make use of this App. This App is able to provide best cheap and quality nearby hotels and stay place for vacation. It is most rated App in both platforms for its minimal and simple user friendly interface. This App does not display ads. Available for iOS and Android.

5. XE Currency Converter

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

XE Currency converter as name implies it does currency conversion and compares values of it. This App includes most of all the countries currencies. XE currency converter has certain features that cannot be found in other Apps like to compare three currencies at a time. App requires internet to update the values of currency to provide up-to-date currency comparison. Available for Android and iOS.

6. Expensify

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Expensify permits user to track of day to day expenditure and spending or in travel. App support GPS enabled service. Contains functions to scan bills and sore values using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).For free version OCR is limited. Available in both platforms.

7. Lemon

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Lemon is like a book keeping App that lets you track of expenses. This App has improved OCR feature which scans values and names of bill. One good feature it has the virtual copies of your credit, debit cards. Lemon App is only available for Android now.

8. FoodSpotting

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

FoodSpotting is for food lovers like me. Helps to find variety of food items and native dishes of searching place. Famous shops or restaurants what food dish is famous for and some information for local food items. Available in both platforms.

9. Foursquare

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Foursquare is unique App that works as check App and also used to figure out hotel costs, travel charges and why not food expenses also. This App is wonderful, contains most of locations and it provides suggestion and feedbacks from those who visited just before you.Fousquare available in Android platform.

10. Triposo

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Triposo is complete package of travel Apps combined together consists of food and shelter locations. That makes easy to search for food and hangout. Features makes it primary from other App is does not require internet connection.Triposo available in both platforms.

11. TouristEye

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

TouristEye just works like travel diary, able to provide facility for food and shelters. Tourist Eye has capability to record all info about city and able to work in offline. It is must App for travelers. Available in both platforms.

12. Google Translate

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Google Translate, users who do not know about this are few in world. Used by travelers who go abroad to other countries. It provides facility to translate any world language to any other world language. In addition it has OCR feature too. Android versions available.

13. Google Local

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Google Local does the same work similar to Google places. In Android it combines with G+ to work completely and for iOS secede required. Google Local makes communication with trip advisor to produce optimized results.

14. Google Maps

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

Google Maps is one of the Apps most widely used by Android phones and other Smartphones. It can be said as must have App. Google iOS map contains tons of features when compared to Apple maps.

15. Google Now/Siri

Best Travel Apps for Android & iOS

It is one the latest and trendy App contains voice recognition, travel companion and location prompt selection. They are including day to day so much of features. So it is going to category of must try App.

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