Top 3 Best Photo & Video Locking Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

We everyone are afraid of our privacy being stolen out, isn’t it? This is one of the main area of concern which has always been in our mind right from the time we go for accessing the internet or any such applications. Since this is one of the major area of concern for many people, so more and more developers are coming out with new strategy to give a perfect security option to its users. The same thing happens with Mobile too, there are various contents in form of both texts and multimedia which we don’t want anyone to see without our permission.

To overcome and provide security in mobile too, lots of developers have worked hard to bring in new apps and thus we bring you our today list on Best Photo & Video Apps for Android Smartphone allow you to store all your multimedia content and gives them a cover shield of protection, so that if at all anyone would want to access them, then they would need to go in the security checks.

There are various apps which provide better functionality, some of them include simple password locking system, while rest has advanced technology called fingerprint scanner as unlocking feature. As we go ahead with our apps, we will get you to know what the various protection methods involved in these apps is and how they can give you best security for all of your private data. Let’s go ahead with the Photo and Video Locking Apps for Android.

Top 3 Best Photo & Video Locking Apps for iOS

3. Photo Lock Free

Top 3 Best Photo & Video Locking Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

PhotoLock Free provides you with the simplest form of locking your multimedia content for free of cost. This app might look tiny but has potential to protect all of your images in a vault, and will be accessible to only those who has access to it. One of the best features which I liked about this app is that it’s specially designed as excellent User Interface. While it holds some more essentials features too, like, Photo Viewer, Complete ASCII Keyboard along with folder management.

It gives you a good piece of security which you won’t find out anywhere and thus, it’s the best app for iOS to lock Photos and Videos. You can also give it a try and do leave out your comments on our commenting section below.

2. Private Photo Vault

Top 3 Best Photo & Video Locking Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Being a developer myself, if you ask me which one would you prefer the most for hiding and protecting multimedia content, then I would tell you, Private Photo Vault, is the one we are looking for. This is one of the best Photo Locking apps, which I myself would recommend you to use  It has various built in features which includes ability to store your date and hide them using a secure Vault protection methods like simple password unlocking, pattern unlocking, PIN lock and many more.

Along with that it also gives you an opportunity to organize your Photos with the help of Folder Management, or you could even share them across your network via email or messaging, Wi-Fi, import or export on cloud. The App comes out handy with potentially excellent User Interface and very intuitive. One of the most interesting thing, I find out in this app is that, it supports video playback too, which means you could even hide your videos too, so kick start using this app and send us your comment below.

1. Don’t Touch My Pics

Top 3 Best Photo & Video Locking Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

If you don’t want your pictures to be seen by others then here is a way to do it effectively with the new app called Don’t Touch My Pics. With the name itself, anyone can imagine what the app is going to do, it hides your images and videos which you might want to hide for various reasons. There is several reasons when you don’t want your multimedia content to be visible to others, and this is where this app can do wonders for you. At the end, we can just tell you one thing, install Don’t Touch My Pics and make your content to be protected and safe.

It doesn’t provide you with the usual method of file locking and unlocking, but it has a separate method of doing the task, which is known as “lock-and-key”. It also allows you to take pictures within its app, and thus you can view your pictures in full screen mode, or you can share them via your email or messaging services like MMS.

With these specialized tools, you can dispose off your privacy concerns and keep all your content with the most sophisticated security systems ever. Try it out and you will be amazed with the working of these apps. Do leave out your valuable comments on our apps list.

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