Top 3 Tips for Protecting your Social Identity on Facebook

We all know Facebook as the top social networking in the world with more than 800 Million users registered on it. But when you sum it all, you will see that it isn’t possible to protect all those 800 Million users as all of them don’t have the best privacy settings set. Well, if you are a power user of Facebook, you would never want to lose your Facebook account as you will also lose your social identity with it. So, to protect your social identity, you got to protect your account. In this post I give you three tips to protect your Facebook account and your social identity.

1. Use Facebook via https://

If you will search around the web, you will see that https is the secure protocol. http is the usual protocol which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Here is its definition via Wikipedia: HTTPS is “a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server.” Facebook allowed its users to use the https some time ago but still many people are unaware of this feature. You can enable the feature by following the steps given below:

How to 3 Tips for Protecting your Social Identity on Facebook

1. Go to Account Settings.

2. Click on Security from the options given in the left side.

3. The first option would be Secure Browsing.

4. Click on Edit and tick the checkbox.

5. Click on Save Changes and that’s it.

2. Never Click on Spam Links

Because of Facebook being the top social networking site, it is the top target for the hackers. The spams in Facebook have increase significantly even after so much attempts by Facebook to stop it. Get Free iPad 3, Get Free iPhone 5, Change Facebook Layout, You cannot see this video for more than 1 minute, etc. can be seen on Facebook. If you click them, you may face a phishing page where you are required to log in with your Facebook details. That way, your account is hacked by the hackers! Or the spam links go to a page where you have to share a page to get something (which you don’t get eventually) and you just end up sending a bunch of invites to all your friends. It is definitely not you want. So, make sure that you never click on spam links.

3. Avoid Adding Your Home Address on Facebook

This step is a must. You should make sure that you don’t add your home address on Facebook because well, you don’t know all the people of Facebook, there are a lot of types of them! Adding a mobile number may be fine so you can access Facebook from mobile with more ease but also if you feel insecure while adding your number, you should hide it from the Facebook users.

Well, those were the top 3 tips for protecting your social identity. I hope this post has profited you and you will be using the tips given in this post.

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