Top 5 Android GPS Games to Gather Outdoor Entertainment

Games are the ultimate thing which children like in their Phone. While one of the major reasons why children’s quickly go for Smartphones, is because of a reason that they get wide variety of gaming options. Games are also important since they bring in more interactive and creativity from children point of view.

While one thing gaming could possibly harm children is damaging their vision, where children sits in front of their computer screens or Mobile for hours and hours and interact with the virtual gaming. To eliminate all these problems a new revolutionary and interactive way of playing games have come up in the market, which are popularly known as GPS Games for Children. These games are the one now which are making most out of all niche, combining the Hide and Seek or any other outdoor gaming without new Smartphone.

Interestingly, to your knowledge, we would like to tell you that some of the games can also be played on your GPS device, which has been personally tested by us too, and not just on you’re Smartphone. The following are some of our best list of GPS games which you can play and have fun, while each and everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, and many vary from the viewpoint of Google Maps.

Enough of our talk on games, let’s quickly get on to the Business of giving you some of the most interactive GPS games specially designed and developed for android. The list includes

  • Geocaching
  • WhereYouGo
  • Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt
  • CYA (Claim Your Area)
  • Zombie, Run!

Top 5 Android GPS Smartphone Mobile Games

5. Geocaching


Though Geocaching is not in the list of cheapest app, but still it provides one of the best gaming experience of all time, as its officially called Groundspeak’s Official Geocaching App. This is one of the most wonderful games, which gives you direct access to playing Geocaching from Geocaching’s database. While one of the most excellent feature of this game is that it gives you list of next items along with offering you an awesome service which will help you to create and leave a note to other players so that everyone can find their items. We do recommend you to play this awesome game, but sometime it might cause some of the compatibility issues on some Android Phones, but we are sure that they would quickly find out best possible solution for this.

4. WhereYouGo


If Hunting games pleasure you, then WhereYouGo is the ultimate game to play and have fun. The game is pretty to play and understand with collecting “gifts” which are located in various stores to access by other users. To find and get access to all of them, you just need to download this to your PC and then load on your app. basically, the game is just a racing game where you need to start and collect all the gifts before the other uses catch them. While there is one disadvantage with the game, is that it doesn’t have the ability to download “cartridge”, but we hope that they will soon resolve this problem and find out a better solution for this problem. Overall, I like the game and it’s pretty cool to play out, another thing which I like the most is that when you get gifts from one store, you also get privilege to leave it out for other users too, so in this game, the game continue just like before.

3. Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt

Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t like playing Treasure Hunt! While some of you might already know about this game when it was featured on a popular British TV series. Not just this, it has also been nominated for the Best Real World Game in 2011 at IMGA. Whoo! By these things itself one can know that how much exciting and popular is the game all about. Talking about the game, which is all about a scavenger hunt game, where you just have to cover points and reach out to various destinations, also known as checkpoints. The free version includes limited features, but if you are the verge to purchase the original version, then this game would definitely give you lots more gaming option with addon facility. One of the best thing which I personally liked about this game, is their User Interface (UI) which is just awesome to hang out with.

2. CYA (Claim Your Area)

CYA (Claim Your Area)

For all those people who are fan of Strategy gaming, then Claim Your Area is the one which you are looking for. You just need to open up the GPS connection, and start fighting to capture and save your area. It comes out with a real time strategy gaming concept which has your city map. The game is totally interesting as it is divided into cities which contain various fields, which you need to claim and then protect it from your opponents who are continuously trying to find a way to get into your land. The more you collect, the more you will be able to expand your empire.

While if you are bored of playing with unknown users, then this game also provides you with an option to connect with you favorite social networking site like Facebook and kick start playing with them. If you are a man of challenges, then this game is the best suited for you, since you need to rightly balance the game with the already occupied fields and the available fields, also called drones.

1. Zombie, Run!

Zombie, Run!

This is one of the most fantastic games ever played on my Android GPS. It’s pretty simple to setup, with just difficulty to choose the 3 stages from

  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Resident Evil
  • 28 Days Later

This game determine how fast the Zombie can move, with only one thing you need to do is to full up the amount of Zombie you want which could actually range from “Local Infection” to “Full scale Invasion”. Not just this, the latest version also supports multi-player gaming too with lots of addon features.

Personally speaking, we have tested some of these games, and are pretty much impressed by the way these have been developed. At the end, for all those people who just likes to sit out in home and always wish to play outdoor games, then here is some of the possible entertainment for all of them. But for all those, who just like to play all outdoor games, GPS games are the best possible entertainment options for them to stay excited, challenge full and fit.

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