Top 5 Best Chat Apps for the iPad

Apple is one of the best brand names in Smartphone and Smart devices and releases every time new updates for them. This time Apple has come up with the new kind of featured Apps through which you can chat with your friends and family in many newer ways. iPad has come with 5 Best Chat Apps for the iPad user through which they can contact, share their view and enjoy with friends and family.

Being very good brand name having limited Editions Product, it is emerging with good demand in market. These are some viral apps on iPad which are been downloaded in every seconds making it big record everytime.

Our List of applications for doing best possible chatting on your iPad includes the following

  • Messenger for Facebook
  • BeejiveIM
  • IM+ Pro
  • LimeChat
  • Agile Messenger HD Pro

Everyone is fond of chatting these days, and so does we collect some bunch of good apps for you to chat with your friends, relatives and loved ones and always stay connected to them, no matter wherever you are. Do try out the following apps as we are very much happy and experiment with them with lot of stuffs and finally coming to a great review in the following.

1. Messenger for Facebook

Best Chatting Apps for iPad

Facebook is one of the famous and strong social networking site with much number of people are being connected to it. This Social networking site has come up with many numbers of features and services to its customer need which has benefit viewers in many ways. Facebook has launched Messenger for Facebook which is made only for Apple iPad. It is an awesome App and perfect one for being in touch with your friends and family. It has many emoticons which can be used while chatting. Download

2. BeejiveIM

Best Chatting Apps for iPad

BeejiveIM is another chat app made for iPad users which have come up with many unique and special features. This Application has many kinds of features which have made chatting very interesting and understandable. It has complete solution for user with many IM accounts. You can make contact with any of these sites Windows Live, AIM, Yahoo!, MySpace, Facebook, Jabber, and GoogleTalk with family and friends. You can leave this app running behind in background and can switch to Wifi to 3G. Download

3. IM+ Pro

Best Chatting Apps for iPad

IM+ Pro is a chat Application with many new features which were unknown in above two Applications. This App has features through which you can adjust your friends and you can even set wallpaper in Application. Wallpaper in Application makes user impressive and you can show your friends that you’re using every time new Application version for chat. In this chat App while conversation you can do other work also and there are incoming alert sound which alarms chat reply of friends. Download

4. LimeChat

Best Chatting Apps for iPad

LimeChat is next version of chat Apps with features and Applications for user to have comfortable chat with their friends. It has new look of IRC client which has made channels coming into the network of user. This IRC clients makes you update of every time if there is any changes by arrow symbol which makes user alert, there is new kind of update in his chat message. It is one of the best among Apple chat Application which is used by many number of people. Download

5. Agile Messenger HD Pro

Best Chatting Apps for iPad

Agile Messenger HD Pro allow you to connect with your friends and family with any of these media such as Windows Live, Yahoo!, Facebook, AIM, and many other means of chatting. This App has combination of Facebook media through which you can chat, send mails, news feed, posting comments and other news features. This App makes you to share picture, post emoticons and there is in-built browser also through which you can search anything. Download

So finally we come to an end of another interesting article about chatting apps on your iPad. Do check them out and do pour your comments on what you feel about them.

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  1. John Clark
    January 26, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    Hello. Thank you for posting this list of applications. It is very useful.
    I have found many nice applications this way.
    For example the lase one is ArkMC – DLNA application to watch and stream video from other devices in home network.

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