Top 5 Best Typing Applications for Windows

Newbies are lack typing speed in computer keyboards, as well regular users sometimes felt they are not good in fast typing through keyboard because they have learned by just the way they use it by so practice medium fast they can type.

I’ll introduce to Softwares that can help you type in keyboard quickly and without spelling mistakes. For that you no need to require any type writing knowledge or anything. Just you require with at least minimum configuration able to run these Applications. All these Applications are available for Windows operating system.

  • Typing Master
  • UltraKey
  • Typing Instructor Platinum
  • GS Typing Tutor
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum

Here is the list of Application that got good ratings from users who have used to improve their typing skills and got benefited out of it. All of the Softwares mentioned below are only for English keyboard typing.

1. Typing Master

Typing Master works like your human personal trainer, it consists of step by step learning lessons for typing. Its user interface is user friendly, you will feel comfortable with this Application than any other typing Application. Some of instructions you got from this looks like instruction from human itself. Apart from English typing it allows teaching of typing in nine various languages and in thirty four different types of keyboard.

Best Typing Softwares for Windows

It consists of five typing lessons, typing tests, dynamic reviews, simple games to test your typing skills. Typing Master tests conducted are to type underlined words, after end of tests status that gives your speed and accuracy of typing skill. This Application is available in offline mode for Windows and others like iOS they can practice in online. Product Link

2. UltraKey

Ultrakey is meant for users of all ages. Peoples who use this Application can transform their typing skill from layman to professional typing master. Its step by step chapters are convenient for users to learn typing without any spelling mistakes. For those who say typing Application meant for kids, this is must try Application for your kids.

Best Typing Softwares for Windows

Ultrakey focuses on technique and skill instead of just entertainment.Helping support is integrated with this Application, no need for online documentation. Ultrakeys has different 90 typing tests to test your typing skills. The link for downloading Ultrakey is There, users are allowed to specify what language and what keyboard model to download, variety of standard versions and beta versions available. Product Link

3. Typing Instructor Platinum

As the name implies Typing Instructor is electronic typing instructor Application which teaches typing techniques in very simple manner. There are some advanced techniques available in this Application that cannot be found in all other Applications, it consists of various tests and various games integrated to make learning process as fun process.

Best Typing Softwares for Windows

Typing Instructor programs consists of plenty of lessons to do practice, helps to improve your typing accuracy, user friendly interactions. Typing Instructor Platinum earned top ten reviews in gold award. Typing Instructor Platinum uses one technique which is WPM (word per minute) that charts words typed by both of your hands and separately. Suppose one hand can type more than other hand, that lets can measure skills and improve you accurately. Product Link

4. GS Typing Tutor

Students who can do work 1 or more than hours is a must suite Application. Although designed for all age users it is quite attractive to friends. It is very good program to learn typing and improve your typing skill. The link that is available is Typing lesson is very exciting process and transforms user from beginner to typist. There are 24 keyboard layout available to try out for typing skill exercises.

Best Typing Softwares for Windows

GS Typing Tutor is available for trial download after that it costs $24.77.But it is worth of trying because advantages earning from it. It instructs from bottom line like how to sit comfort to type and which fingers should use for typing what keys. GS Typing is available for Windows operating system only. Product Link

5. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum is one of the well used and ranked Applications used in world wide. It is reputed by so many users; the proof is that it has launched in twenty five versions. There are some typing skills and lessons in class. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum consists of four hundred typing missions and fourteen special typing games that make typing skill quick enough to try games.

Best Typing Softwares for Windows

The different launches of this Application concentrate on variety of skills and upcoming Applications are inbuilt with so many choices and techniques and methods to type faster. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum allows user to customize the interface as in any situation or circumstances. There consists of warm up skills which are specifically designed for beginners. The product link to get this latest version of Application is Product link

These are all Applications ranked in top 5. So you can try out these Applications to enhance your typing skills and have some fun also while learning. Do try out them and do leave us your valuable comments on which product you liked the most out of all of them.

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  1. Typing
    April 24, 2013 at 3:26 am #

    Very nice list. Out of those 5, I’ve only played numbers 2 and 3, but both were good. I’m excited to check out #1.

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