Top 6 Apps To Free Up Space On Android

You have to admit that once in a while you have faced memory amount issues on your Smartphone. In the beginning while buying a 16GB or 32GB device your thoughts must have been like it will be more than enough to store all your data. But as the time passed you must have filled your device with all the things in the world and now there’s not even space for a single pic to store.

We everyone have faced this problem many a times in our life. While one thing is pretty much sure, that Smartphone are made like this only and it’s we who has to learn on how to manage them in a better way. So let’s go out with our following android applications to cleanup space on mobile with

  • Root Cleaner
  • 1Tap Cleaner
  • App Cache Cleaner
  • Root App Delete
  • Easy Cache Cleaner
  • Clean Master

Now the only option that you are left with is, start deleting your files, or use cloud service to upload them on cloud. But it is quite hectic process because these are not easily accessible. And I suggest you should go for File Cleaner Apps that enable you to remove unnecessary files and free up space on your device.

Best File Cleaner Android Apps

1. Root Cleaner

This is the only paid App in this collection form Google Play store. The reason why I included is because of its popularity among the users all across the world, because of its best features and amazing UI to use. And Root Cleaner does the task of freeing up the unused space very wisely and easily. This App is very easy to use and you can find user friendly features on it. It has some of the features that a free file cleaner Apps don’t have.

Best Android Space Cleaning Apps

You will not require any other App to carry out the tasks while using this App as it offers more no. of amazing features that will allow you to do all types of maintenance on your Android device. This Root Cleaner Apps is basically has more no. of  general purpose array of features that makes it unique from all the other Apps. Download

2. 1Tap Cleaner

With this 1Tap Cleaner Android App you can clean Smartphone’s internal memory in a very simple manner. The name says it all, it offers what it says. With a 1 tap on your screen it can clean almost everything on your phone that occupies memory with unused objects. Most of the other Apps in the market needs root to work up their tasks but this App does not require any root to work and hence it eases out your Smartphone’s task.

Best Android Space Cleaning Apps

When coming to features, it has all the other feature to offer like auto clean, device memory notification or details on slow App. You get lots of other tools also to free memory from your device in an easy manner without banging your head. Download

3. App Cache Cleaner

There exist some Apps in this Android Market that requires you to root your Smartphone. And in this fast moving world who wants to waste their valuable time. So in order to save your time and avoid rooting you can go for App Cache Cleaner. This App has the capability to do almost everything that a rooted App is supposed to do and that too without the need for root permissions.

Best Android Space Cleaning Apps

Using this App you can free up memory from your Smartphone and still get OTA updates. You may find this feature of auto clean and auto kill Apps in various other Apps so no need to worry as this Feature is also supported by this App. So this auto clean feature enables to clean your residual memory on regular basis without you having doing it manually. Download

4. Root App Delete

If you are one such person who does experiments on your device by rooting it up all the time and installing all the other Apps that exist in the market and then leaving them untouched then this Root App Delete is just for you. It is almost impossible to install some of the grudgy Apps and system Apps but using this App you can uninstall them easily without any pain.

Best Android Space Cleaning Apps

Using this you can improve the performance and the memory space of your Smartphone in no time. There are some Apps that after installing tend to update or create other files unnecessarily. So using this App you can freeze certain Apps on your device so that it can avoid them to occupy the memory of your Android Smartphone. Download

5. Easy Cache Cleaner

Let me tell you the meaning of cache if you are unaware about it. Cache can be defined as small fast memory that acts in between the CPU and the memory to provide faster memory response for faster browsing on the web. But most of the time cache is not at all necessary. So in order to clear this unwanted space here comes the Easy Cache Cleaner Android App.

Best Android Space Cleaning Apps

This App is filled with lots of features and provides user friendly UI to operate on. You can easily free up internal memory space on your device. You get notifications in terms of reminders as when it’s time to clean your device. You can control this feature by providing option for  notification like once a day, once every 12 hours, once every 2 or 3 days and even once a week. Download

6. Clean Master

The name itself implies that it is the master of all the Apps when it comes to free up space on your Android device. This App comes with easy to use UI and with assured great performance. Using this App you can delete history files, temp APKs, image thumbnails and all the other unnecessary files that occupy space on your device. With this App you get integrated task manager so you can end the tasks whenever you need. With this App you can kill any running task with a single tap.

Best Android Space Cleaning Apps

If you are not sure of which to kill then you can search it very quickly and it will allow you to clean your device phone in a few moments. But make sure of one thing that you use this App on regular basis to free up unnecessary memory storage. Using this your device will stay active all the time and will provide you with the best and enhanced performance. Download

So folks I have listed the Top 6 Best Apps To Free Up Space On Android Device. So which one will you opt for? Do let us know your experience after using these wonderful Apps in the comment box below.

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