Top 6 Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

We everyone know, Microsoft is the leading Operating System developer in the entire world which offers various solutions to its users which is always in the form of its dedicated OS called Windows Server. Recently, Microsoft has also launched Windows 7, everyone knows this, but the point is, we have already seen a server version for Windows 8 too, called as Windows 8 Server.

Where are the Open Source OS used?

There are wide varieties of places where Open Source OS are used in the market. Some of them include Network Administrators which is commonly used by Small level companies and business which have limited number of computers connected or maybe even for home networks too. These connected systems can do some useful tasks like acting as network gateway to rest of the systems. Or maybe used as printing servers to print documents for rest of the connected systems or is widely used for network monitoring task which could be file sharing stuffs, streaming networks and many more.

Although the fact over here is, Microsoft does offer some useful tools for Server Management, indeed which are the best, but at a costly price. And so does, lot of organizations are looking to move on from the Windows Server for a cheaper and low cost alternative to windows server. But while we were just surfing the internet, we found out that there are several alternatives to windows server operating system which are designed for servers by other companies, offering free or low cost solutions to organization and proving as a good alternative to windows based OS server.

Interestingly you might not know, but the world’s best OS Software is Android OS, but it’s not an OS server. Not many might know this, but the Android OS has its root from Linux OS only, which is free of cost, available to anyone and are popularly known as custom ROMs.

Best Windows Server Open source alternatives

6. Zentyal

Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

Zentyal offers a great help to all the business which are either small or medium. All of its solutions are absolutely cheap as possible and are definitely low cost. The main advantage of using this is that it offers a pretty simple yet effective interface to connect the administrators to its potential users working in different offices. It also provides you with easy way to retrieve information from the central server with just one click, being available anywhere until you are connected to the linked device. The system is so easy to install that even someone who is new to this industry would find it absolutely easy to install, setup and operate. If you are having a business which has very few clients, or hundreds of clients then Zentyal is your way to go.

5. Amahi Home Server

Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

Amahi is not recommended for large scale business use. For all those users, who are kind of average and want to do file sharing or share multimedia contents across their connected networks, then Amahi provides a beautiful solution with the help of Amahi Home Server. With Amahi, now you can just transform your personal computer and make it into a server computer which would be connected to the rest of the computers for providing better access. One of the best things about this is that it’s not a Standalone OS, as many people thinks, but it’s a great OS which runs on top of the existing Linux OS. It provides excellent features along with easy to install facility for users.

4. Apache Directory Project

Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

Apache, do I have to give introduction? Apache doesn’t need any introduction, since it’s the best Open Source tool in the entire world. With the help of Apache Directory Project, now you wouldn’t need Windows Server for configuration since it’s the best alternative till date for Windows Server OS. It provides you binary source and installer files which can be downloaded for various platform like Windows, Mac or Linux for absolutely free of cost. It could be used for both small and medium size business with all their networks connected for networking monitoring or file sharing, etc.

3. ClearOS

Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

If you are quite familiar with CentOS, then you will enjoy using ClearOS since it’s an extension of CentOS. It’s because of the strong foundation from CentOS, this OS Server is considered to be one of the best alternative for windows server. The developer of this OS Server is ClarkConnect and it provides the following features.

  • Multi-WAN
  • Content Filtering
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Antimalware and Antispam
  • File and Print Services
  • Mail and Messaging

2. SME Server

Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

If you are aware of CentOS, then you will be delighted to use SME Server, since it has been built of top of CentOS. SME Server provides a great server platform which is purely built on open source enabling you to use it with lots of additional tools for better performance. Not just this, SME Server is so powerful that it can almost give you all the features and performance along with advantages which all Linux/Unix servers provide.

The installation procedure of SME Server is very easy as it provides easy methods for file sharing, network monitoring, and firewall protection at low cost. Infact it is designed in such a way that it would certainly low down your cost, thus allowing you not to go for windows server OS.

1. CentOS

Best Free Windows Server Open Source Alternatives

CentOS has been developed on top of Linux RedHat Server which provides easy installation. The OS is so awesome that it provides several tools which the system administrators can use and monitor the rest of the connection which are connected to its network. CentOS is free to download and use and provides an easy way to connect and monitor.

Since CentOS is an extension of Linux, therefore it requires less maintenance than the powerful Windows server. The product is designed to help small business to connected to all of its network group but can be used for a home network as well which requires file sharing, media streaming, etc. One of the best thing which I liked about CentOS is that all developers offers support for over 10 years for each of its version after the release, which is really a fantastic thing.

So now we come to an end of our article discussing about the best alternatives for windows server. Try out them as they are absolutely free of cost and easy to setup and takes less time to operate. With so many features out there in almost every tool, I am sure, now you would certainly forget configuring on your windows server. Do let us know about your views on these tools in our commenting area.

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