Top 8 Best iPhone & iPad Games to Download & Play

The modern trend of increasing use of Smartphones day by day states clearly that this increase is because of fantastic games that are being developed for those Smartphones. Apple has got excellent games by playing which we never get bored and they act as good time passers. These games are just fantastic to play, that one would never feel bored with them.

While everyone knows the fact that the Apple Apps store has already got millions of apps to download and play and to get fun and entertainment. The App store has got thousands of breathtaking games of which some are high priced and some are absolutely free. Just try out the following games, and you will be seriously amazed by playing them altogether. The list of games includes

  • Dizzypad
  • God Finger All stars!
  • Pocket Frogs
  • Lil’s Pirates
  • Texas Poker
  • Waterside Extreme
  • Paper Toss
  • Solitaire

Top games include some paid games as well as free ones by brilliant and generous developers. Some of the great and high rated games are rolled below.

Download Best 8 iPhone Games Online

1. Dizzypad

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

Out of many games Nimblebit has released, Dizzypad stands out as a unique one. Its simple and clear interface has made it catchy and popular. The theme of the game is so simple that we have to direct frog to jump over the lily pads and go as far as you could. Simple! The main technique in this game would be the timing of the jump. The jump should be made depending on the pad moment and its speed. This game is harder than it actually looks. This great game costs just $1.99. 

2. God Finger All stars!

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

This game can be rated as one of the finest games from ngmoco.  Godfinger All stars came as a replacement of the older Godfinger. The earlier God Finger was critically acclaimed and had a warm welcome. This new version has stars and a diminutive game. As the game proceeds and the player clears some tasks, people in farm or acts like sun beaming the farm releases stars, Collecting which earns the player gold bonuses and increases the level of the game. This game is worth the few dollars paid for it.

3. Pocket Frogs

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

When even high paid Apps struggle to make up to the top list, this free Application game has made wonders and gets into top 8 of best iPhone games. Frogs lovers will love this game. The objective of the game is to create new varieties of frogs from the older ones by mating two different strains. They are more than ten thousand kinds of frogs. Player has to keep the frog happy to let them mate. Happiness of frogs can be increased by feeding the frogs with insects or playing race and clearing quizzes. Quizzes are little difficult though. Overall, it’s an adorable game worth passing time.

4. Lil’s Pirates

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

The player becomes the captain of the pirate ship. His motto becomes collecting treasures from other ships sailing by raiding them. this can’t be done by the captain himself. So, he takes into service some crew mates. Pirates in the crew have their favorite jobs completing which can earn you gold and money. These jobs in clued taming a monkey etc.  This game does not cost like other games after a certain level of progress instead the full version can be unlocked by playing the mini games around.  This free game is worth playing and can kill your time mercilessly.

5. Texas Poker

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

The much popular poker undoubtedly made its spot into the top 8 games in this list. This game has been favorite for many and has won worldwide recognition and has been awarded as best of games of the year 2011. poker is a card game played with computer or real time players. When other poker games lets the user play with computer. Texas Poker wins every other poker game by providing multi player support and latency tolerance.

6. Waterslide Extreme

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

This excellent game in the top 8 list is absolutely free. Waterslide Extreme has 9 stages where the player has to slide to the pool with perfect movements. Good performance will earn you better points. This game has brilliant graphics matching the night in a theme park in the real time world. This game can be played using your iDevice as the steering that is, just like driving a car. This game is fun and worth trying more than once.

7. Paper Toss

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

Paper toss is an excellent time killer which can be played with very less attention paid to it. This game is completely free. Paper toss game’s theme is very simple. We have to toss the waste paper into the dust bin kept some distance away. As the game proceed, the difficulty increases. The wind blowing from the fan makes it difficult to make the throw. This game is famous and can be tried without any hesitation. Happy tossing!

8. Solitaire

Top Best 8 iPhone & iPad Games

The good old solitaire never loses its charm. Independent of the platform in which it is played, this game remains most favorite game for millions of players. This card game is absolutely free for iPhones. This game can be played in spare time in offices or work place.  This game can be played by people of all age groups. I bet you would have already tried this game.

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    All games are gud but I think water slide extreme is the best game….it’s all stages are awsum with gud graphics…

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