You Could be Breaking the Law Using Facebook – Find How?

800 Million+ users! That is a large number of people and that is the number of people who are registered on Facebook. Since it was launched in 2004, it has been creating more and more records in the social networking industry. Well, there is a thing which majority of the social networking users don’t know about. You could be breaking the law using Facebook. Well, I am sure you are reading the post to know how so I won’t keep you waiting for long. Read on!

Status Updates

You need to post your statuses responsibly. If you post unwanted, abusive, insulting, etc. type of status updates, you can be sued by the people who would be having problems with those status updates. First of all, the person affected will report you which can result in permanent ban on Facebook and if that person lodges a complaint against you, you may end up paying a fine or spending some time in jail. Depends on what kind of status you have posted. Also, if you post an abusive comment about a commercial product, you stand a chance to get a legal notice.

Profile Pictures/ Cover Pictures

You Could be Breaking the Law Using Facebook - Find How?

If you use a profile picture or cover picture which is copyrighted and isn’t allowed for people to make use of, you can get fined. Even the photos of comic images like Bart Simpson (The Simpsons), Pikachu (Pokemon), etc. should not be used because you don’t have the sufficient permission for doing so. If the owners of the images find their copy-righted material used as profile pictures or cover pictures of the people on Facebook, it would be applicable to sue you.

Giving Away Emails of Your Friends

There is a feature on Facebook where you can suggest request all your contacts from your email provider to join Facebook. While doing so, you give away all the email address you have in your, supposedly Gmail address book. This can be used against you if you do not have enough permission from the email address owners. The affected people, if they want can sue you and make a big deal out of what you did just to increase your friends.

Posting Photos of People without Permissions

This is quite same to the above point. If you share somebody’s photo, maybe a funny photo, without their permission, the affected person can get hurt and lodge a complaint against you. It is against the law to post images on internet without the permission of the person (whose photo has been posted). If it is your friend, then you may be safe, but if it is not and that person isn’t happy with the photo, you will certainly be able to be sued by the affected person.

This post may have surprised you if you didn’t know that you can be breaking the law using a social networking site. Some things may be foolish, some things may be serious but keep in mind that all counts.

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